Right final help on new C2D system build. To come in 3mts.

Okay it's been quite frustrating to decide what brand/model components I will get for the C2D system. Especially deciding on the motherboard and RAM. I basically just need new CPU, mobo, RAM, graphics card. I already have a case, PSU, keyboard, mouse and will be getting a 21'' samsung 21tw monitor soon. I expect to be able to play upcoming games like Crysis on Maximum settings. This system must be future proof.

Alright so for the CPU I have decided on an E6600 (will OC)

Now motherboard is where I am lost... I was looking at the safest option which I think is the almighty eVGA 680i. Then I looked at a cheaper option, the Asus P5B - Deluxe but I don't think it supports SLI... I am finding real difficulty in finding a nice motherboard that supports everything, is stable, and is 100% future proof. Thats why I need recommendations from you guys. So what motherboard?

For the RAM I was thinking of 2x1GB OCZ 6400 800Mhz? Better option? I do overclock.

I will be getting an eVGA 8800GTX 768MB graphics card.

Sound card will come later on. Will make do with onboard until then.

I appreciate any help. thanks.
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  1. I like the P5B Deluxe myself, but Evga's 680i board is really good too, and perfect for the 8800gtx, i think you should stick with it. Might want to give evga a few more weeks to iron out all the hardware problems there having though, atleast until the current beta version of the BIO's thats suppost to fix most of the problems goes gold. This is great oc'ing ram, but i heard a rumor that super talent was switching out the D9 micron chips to a different company because of low production yeilds, so you might want to jump on it now.
  2. There is no such thing as future proof. The 680i also supports quad-core so if you want to upgrade your cpu in a year or two it's possible. I don't think it will support DDR3 system memory when it starts to become widespread in 2008. You might want to wait till next month to see what the AMD/ATI chipset offers.

    OCZ is good, like the other poster said SuperTalent is too and one more for the mix is Corsair 6400C4. You can hardly go wrong with any of these.
  3. Okay so maybe I'll stick with the eVGA 680i then as it has support for Qcore. Is it stable though? And how is the BIOS laid out for OC'ing? By the way I wont be buying until 3 months from now so I can always see what comes up then but tbh I really just want to make a final decision now on the motherboard.

    That super talent RAM looks good, especially from the positive reviews but I can't find it on any websites that ship here (Ireland) so I will have to go for a different brand. I like the thought of getting OCZ as I have always heard good things about that RAM for OC'ing. I am used to Corsair RAM but am willing to change boat or do you think I would be better off with getting the Corsair 6400 800Mhz RAM?

    I would like more opinions and recommendations plz. Then it will be easier for me to make a confident decision.
  4. Take a look at evga's forum and hardocp.com to decide for yourself if it is stable. Many have complained about SATA problems but supposedly the latest BIOS fixes have addressed them.

    Three months is a very long time in tech so you are more realistically drawing up a list of potential components than a final list. The OCZ rev2 is supposed to be good but I heard it's not Micron dram so take a look at the Titanium in addition to the Corsair 64004.
  5. Okay then I guess I should make every effort to get Super Talent then. Thanks for the link. 2GB of Super Talent seems quite expensive. Then again im used to that. Right thats RAM pretty much sorted. Any more thoughts on the motherboard?
  6. Guys I need some help here. It's now down to the mobo. I basically more opinions on what I should get and what would best suit me. I would like to cut cash if possible but like I said I still want a system that is very powerful and can play the next gen games on max.

    So far im getting:
    Core 2 Duo E6600
    2GB SuperT 800Mhz RAM
    :?: motherboard :?:
    eVGA 8800GTX gfx card

    I already have Thermaltake Armor case, Seasonics 600W PSU and a 150GB Raptor HD.
  7. Take a look at the C2D E6400 as it is a great overclocker, tomshardware.com. The E6600 costs ~50% more but is definitely not 50% faster so the value is with the E6400. With the extra $100 in your pocket the Supertalent won't look so expensive. :wink:
  8. But will I be able to run SLI with the r600? I know it's mostly ATI support but I do use nvidia gfx cards more so the mobo will have to support SLI if i am gonna get it.
  9. If you expect to buy all this within three months, it would be wise to wait for the long-promised Core2 price cuts and the introduction of the E4400/E4300 series - it should be happending around that time.

    The E6600 is supposed to drop from over 300$ to close to 200$, and the E4300 is essentially an 800FSB, 1.8Ghz chip with great OC potential (multiplier = 9), priced around 113$.
    Since you're not building your rig right away, and you seem to have a decent existing build to fall back on in the meantime - you might find it beneficial to "wait and see", rather than make decisions now.

  10. If you're going to buy an EVGA board, you will not get ATI support. EVGA is an NVidia EXCLUSIVE vendor...it is SLI. Don't worry about that :) All 680i chipsets are SLI as they are NVidia chipsets.

    Stick with the E6600. That 4mb Cache is nice. But yeah, if you're going to wait 3 months, ask in 2.8 months what to get. Things change that fast.
  11. Yeah I might see what comes out in a couple months time then. Before then I will be getting a nice 21'' LCD in preperation :) Although Im not sure cause I might be ready to buy sooner rather than a couple of months... Either way I'll see what comes around the corner
  12. The 21'' I am looking at has a native res of 1680x1050. Surely thats worthy of an 8800GTX is it not?? I find it quite hard to believe that I will have to get a 24'' screen! Will cost me a fortune here! Not like the fair prices you guys get... I am quite surprised at this, are you sure!?
  13. rock solid MB, future proof?

    Intel 975XBX or XBX2
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