XP drivers in XP Mode on W7?

So a while back i fished a working dell laser printer out of a dumpster at school. i had it working with xp just fine, but i cant seem to find win7 drivers for it anywhere but dell's shitty website where their download manager wont even recognize that i have the drivers in my list. with the virtual xp mode in win7, can i use the xp drivers with the printer?

thanks guys
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  1. you should.
    just remember that xp mode doesn't exist in the Home Premium version
  2. I don't think that's gonna work the xp mode built into win7 is a virtulization, not a dual boot.

    Just use the vista drivers, I used all vista drivers for months until win7 drivers started coming out.
  3. vista drivers are nearly identical to Win 7 divers since the OSes are so similar.
    But the whole idea behind the virtualization is to run legacy software and hardware
  4. yes the vista drivers usually work because win7 is merely a refined version on vista. there are times though when the drivers are not compatible do to said refinements. We've all been running win7 for a while now I got lucky with drivers a few of my friends had to upgrade odds and ends.

    As to virtulization, the first requirement is that your hardware supports it...... there are a ton of people in this and other forums who can't run xp mode because their hardware doesn't support virtulization. Doesn't sound like it was designed for hardware compatibility to me.
    And the second runner up for why people can't run xp mode is as you stated only the business, enterprise, and ultimate versions supports it. Though I'm sure with a little effort you could work around that one using VMware or similar program.
  5. You can't use XP drivers in W7 XP mode. XP mode is for software compatability only, not hardware.
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