2 wireless pcs; WRT54GS router & WRE54G Range Expander

This thing has been unbelieveably difficult to set up. I've had the router and two pcs going for years. Decided I needed a stronger signal for one pc so I got the Expander.

If anyone knows how to set this up in detail, I would appreciate the help. I also want to enable WEP for extra security measures. I am not stupid but I just cannot get it.

Right now there is one PC somewhat near the router. Signal strength is ok but great which is odd. We previously had the router closer to the other pc and the signal was stronger. Cable company moved the router when we had connection problems (not related to the where the router was as I tried to tell them) so they moved it and took my splitter - so end result is I left the router where they moved it. It is quite far away from the 2nd pc and the signal strength goes from no signal to very low. That is why I got the range expander. Right now I have it working (blue lights are on & signal strength at 100%) but I do not have any security in place on either the router or the computers. Please help
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  1. I would have tried high gain antennas on the router first. The normal 2 dbi are pretty bad.

    As far as security,

    Login in to the router, get to the wireless security section.
    1st. Change the SSID to something other than default.
    2nd. Select WPA-PSK or WPA-TKIP.
    Encryption is only as good as the passphrase.
    Use A-Z,a-z, 0-9, !@#$%^&*(). Enter a good passphrase. Use a Mix Of Upper and Lower case mixed with numbers and punc. Or you can use pre generated keys from GRC.com Copy and paste to note pad, it easier that way.
    Write it down you will need it for all pc's that will connect wirelessly.
    You will have to enter it twice.
    Save all settings.

    Now go to the pc.
    You need to open up properties of the wireless port.
    Select Wireless Networks
    Select View Wireless Networks.
    Select Your SSID
    Use pull down menu to Select WPA-PSK
    Data encryption should be TKIP
    Enter Pass Phrase Key, (same one as router)

    If every thing was entered correctly you should connect.
  2. Ok, thanks. I'm kind of a newbie here so let me just confirm something - I'm pretty sure I log into the router from my browser (I've been in that area quite a few times already) correct? I do know I have to do it for both pcs that share the wireless.

    One other thing to confirm - do I also have to login to the expander?

    I apologize if these are stupid questions but I just want to make sure.

    Thanks for the quick reply!
  3. You should not need to change any thing on the expander, but I have not used them. They are a simple relay. I believe the the expander is associated with MAC address only.

    You are correct on everything else.

    I know what my first one was like, I can relate.

    You have the hard part done, getting them to connect can be a pain.

    As a rule on trouble shooting if you have problems. Start with a small key like 8 chr, if works expand .... till you reach the max, MS Zero config is like 24 chr.

    Most errors accours in miss match keys, type o's Upper/lower case errors.
  4. With all respect blue68f100 you have no idea what your talking about. The problems MoonShadow is having don't center around encryption. These WRE54G's are not "simple relays"... That would make sense! No, Linksys decided to make them unnecessarily complex and non-functional.

    I have a Bachelors in computer science from UC Berkeley and I can't get this bloody thing to connect to my WRT54GS. I've updated the firmware on both devices to the current release and I see no options for manually inputting the router's MAC address in the web admin of the WRE54G. To say nothing of the utter lack of anything so much as mentioning WDS (which the latest WRT54GS firmware is supposed to include).

    I'm going to try one last time with a hacked firmware before i chuck this piece of s*it in the ocean.

    And just so you know, Linksys "tech support" is nothing more than a bunch of pre-written script readers packed into a mud hut call center in Patna, Bangalore or some other thriving Indian slum. Save yourself the aggravation...
    If you call them looking for support you'll find no one skilled or motivated enough to provide it.

    Good luck to anyone trying to set these things up - you're going to need it.
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