Help needed with ethernet router!!!! PLEASE HELP ME

Ok, so, I know this must be some pretty basic stuff, but I've got no idea how to solve my problem.

Have just set up a router where I live, to share the Internet connection between two computers. I followed what the router instuctions told me to do on one computer, everything works fine on that one. I then did the same on the other computer, it recognises that it's connected but when I go to use Internet Explorer nothing happens, it just tells me that I'm not connected to the Internet.

I've read some other help pages and one page said to creat a home network between the two computers, problem is that you need to do that with the aid of a disc, and one computer doesn't have a disc drive (bit of a beggar really, the other computer is my computer and I just figured, in this day and age, I won't need a disc drive...doh!!).

So you see, I'm thinking that there's more than one way to skin a cat so to speak and I'd be very grateful for any help to help me get both computers hooked up to the Internet.
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  1. You should be able to share both computers online with the router. As far as networking them both.. you can do this withought a disk drive. Run your network wizards and click will handle on my own. Then you can just install/enable file and printer sharing manually. If you even need a disk drive you can share your disk drive from your computer that has one. Just enable the share of it and pop in the disk and take the install files from it and install on the other computer. Not quite sure if it would run locally if you just ran the disk from the disk drive computer or if it would run on the local computer when just running though. Play around with it and you can figure something out. Where the is a will there is a way.
  2. Thanks MikeyP, afraid there isn't an option to do it manually. Actually, that's a misleading answer because there is an option to turn on the sharing of files/printer, which I have done on both computers. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work.

    I'm new to this networking game, so I'm not sure if I'm doing it correctly. When it come to setting up the network, what things do the two computers have to have in common? Sry, I know this is probably some really basic stuff.

    Well, this is kind of off the point. The real question I was asking was how to set up two computers on a router. Like I said originally, having to create a network between the two computers to share a router was an answer I read off another site, I don't know if this is what has to be done in order for the two computers to be able to share the Internet.

    The computer that cannot connect to the Internet recognises that it's connected, it has that Local Area Connection symbol coming up like the other computer. But it still doesn't connect to the Internet when I try. I'm not sure if the fact both computers have the same settings is a problem, but when I make the settings on one computer, its common on both computers i.e. they have the same settings. I'm just looking to be able to set up the Internet on both computers through the router, and following the routers instructions hasn't made this happen. So if anyone can help me, please do, you might need to dumb it down a touch for me to fully understand, thanks.
  3. Ok, lets tart with getting both computers online. Go to the command line on both computers (one at a time =o)) then type in CMD and hit enter (I assume you are using Windows XP on both?) Type in IPCONFIG /ALL and list on this formum what the information that it brings up for both computers. This will help get a idea if you are getting a address from your router. You should see a adress on both of them that starts with 192.168.x.x if its linksys then it will be 192.168.1.x and if it is another brand it could be 192.168.0.x. We can go from there once we find out wat your settings are.
  4. I've just moved to Australia and I'm trying to set up the router to share the DSL connection I have in my new home with the other members of my family. I'm using a D-Link DSL-504T ADSL Modem Router.

    Ok, having spent the morning on the phone talking to technical support for my ISP, I've worked out that I can actually connect to the Internet, the problem that I'm now facing is that I am having a DNS problem. My computer will connect to the Internet when I type in the number code for a website, e.g. instead of typing in (which doesn't work) I type in which connects me to the google page. Apparently, the DNS problem means that my Internet connection cannot convert the letters into the codes (I think). So, if you know how to fix the DNS problem I have, let me know, otherwise I'll have to phone my computer's manufacturer to ask them what I have to so to solve my problem. Any help will be much appreciated, as has your help so far, thanks man.
  5. Get the DNS address from your DSL provider. That will fix everything for you..
  6. Hey man, its all sorted out now, a guy I know used WinFix to sort out the problem. So at last I can surf the net on my computer now...wahoo!! haha

    Cheers for the help, its much appreciated.
  7. Great!! Good luck.
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