Verizon's FiOS Broadband!

I'm sure most of you know Verizon has a fairly new Broadband Service. I want to know who owns it and how fast are your download/upload speeds. Also any other thoughts or concerns about it for both owners and non-owners. I really don't care for the Voice and TV service they offer. Just your speed! :twisted:

Note: I did a search of the forumz and only 3 posts came up that mentioned Fios. So if I missed a post, don't pound me please! :cry:
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  1. Speed test show what the state 5/2meg. A neighbor has it.

    You are supplied with a Dlink router with special firmware to allow them to snoop and/or trouble shoot. I was on another forum, the user was using a SB router with discovery options. Guess what, It showed the up stream computer/server. So you difenately will be required to put a different router on or chain them.

    He did get a public IP address, during testing I confirmed this. It is required if you want to run VPN.

    This is stated on the contract and web site if you read it. They are up front about it. They also state no SERVER to be run on residential service.

    I didn't switch I stayed with cable. Even though the uplink speed would have been nice.
  2. No server to be run on it??? What a bunch of bologna!! How can you sell a service like that for 40$ a month and not be able to use it as you wish. Seriously... if they want you to just buy the service for surfing or DL'ing movies from the net why would you buy that. You can do the same thing with Cable or DSL right now for a hell of a lot cheaper. Im truly baffeled.
  3. Actually you cant if you read the fine print. And in most cases it's kind of hard to with that little of bandwidth.

    Most allow it till the band width is saturated all the time.

    This is the reason people use bitorrent.
  4. Looks like I will not be using that service anytime soon. I'll stick with my cable company. Although there Upstream stinks.
  5. So you're telling me I can't run a nice little BF2 or Halo server with this thing? Or is that a different kind of server? I don't see why I couldn't run a regular game server. It doesn't violate anything. :(
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