Can IDE work with different hard drives.

Hello I will be replacing my friend's 20 Gb hard drive soon and I need to know if certain ATA drives will work with what he has.

First I need to know if as long as a hard drive is IDE it will work with what he has.

Second, if anyone knows of some cheap hard drives that would work with his system.

he seems like hes unwilling to let me open his case as most of the time ive been over there he will make up some lame excuse to dissuade me from opening it so if there is a program that will tell me his hard drive info (maybe sandra?). He only has one gigabyte left on his hard drive and I would think he would want to put more stuff on it because he likes music/games.

also just a side note he's still using the FAT32 file system ><.

any ideas?

Hard drives are still pretty confusing for me (I guess i spend too much time in the graphics card section :lol: ) so any help would be great.
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  1. Paul nails down all the technicalities.

    Your friends' comp is in serious need of maintenance. Opening the case HAS TO HAPPEN.
    He needs the BIOS to show boot order as CD drive first; and he needs the cd to be a burner.
    You will need an imaging app like True Image. Get another IDE drive (after-market like ebay); make sure it is guaranteed; around 120-130g. Should get it for about $40-$50.

    Set it up as Slave to the old one on the same ribbon cable. If he's got a 40 wire, buy an 80 wire (it'll have a blue end which goes into the mobo). Make sure the old one is Master.

    Perhaps on your machine, you produce the bootable cd for True Image. Pop it in to your friends' comp, and clone his 20g hd to the 120. When completed, remove the old drive completely. Rejumper the 120 to Master, and he's all better.
  2. Meh, all I need to do now is persuade him. I would think his system would need a good cleaning as it probably has not been blown out in ~3 years :roll:. Very helpful though I am gonna have to save this thread for when I actually do the imaging...
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