How do I click down adds that appear in zoomed Firefox?

I use Firefox because I like to use the zoom feature -- hold down control, spin wheel on mouse. Text reflows to the perfect size. But...

Tom's has advertizements that create an ad box overlapping the text on the article when you mouse over them. When zoomed the X on the ad does not work to click down the ad. I've been dragging them to the side of the screen so that I can keep reading. Is there a way, other than the X, to get rid of the add? (When I get totally PO'd I either stop reading or go to PRINT format, but I don't like to do either).

Thanks for advice.

p.s. I know other browsers zoom too. I don't like the way IE reflows pictures in zoom. I haven't tried chrome enough to like it. I'd rather stay on firefox. I'm on 7.0.1
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  1. Do you like the ads? If not, install Adblock-Plus and get rid of them.

    After installing, any ads that do show up, right-click on them and select to block that ad.
  2. Thanks for the good suggestion. That would probably work. I don't want to block ads... let the site get some revenue if I see something i like. Just wish i could get rid of the ads in from of the text.
  3. Adblock-plus does a wonderful job at that.
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