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I just purchased an AB9 Pro because my other motherboard died and it is no longer in stock. I got it today, installed everything back up, and it isn't working. My RAM, no matter how I put it in, isn't working. I have 1 512MB Samsung DDR2-400 andI have older DDR2 333 256 MB RAM X2. It basically tries to run for 20 seconds, I get the C1 code saying it is searching for RAM, then flips off. Any assistance I'd greatly appreciate. Thanks.
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  1. it's always useful to know what other hardware that you are using in conjunction.
    If you use just 1 DIMM can you get into the BIOS & manually configure the RAM settings?
  2. The rest of my system

    ATI Radeon X1800XT

    Intel Pentium 4 530 (3.0 GHz, 800 FSB)

    Sound Blaster Live Audio Card (additionally onboard)

    I can't use any RAM to get anything to load. Nothing will load, no matter what RAM combination I've tried, including just 1 DIMM.
  3. Hi Pestilence,
    DDR2-533 is the minimum memory officially supported by the mobo.
    However if you run CPU @ 200MHz (FSB800) with the lowest memory ratio, you would think you would get 1:1 which would be DDR2-400... but no.
    Forget the DDR2 333 256 MB RAM X2. Your hope is to get it to POST with the single 512MB Samsung DDR2-400 (in the memory slot farthest from the CPU).
    Otherwise it's time for some new memory...
    You could buy DDR2-533 but a better choice would be DDR2-667, otherwise known as PC2-5400. Look for 512MB sticks for ~$50 bucks each...
    Sorry if not what you wanted to hear. But it's a great mobo, really!
  4. You're right, I don't like the news you've given me. But it's better to know then not, so I thank you a lot. I'll probably be making an investment in new memory. If I get the higher speed to work, can I get the lower one to work?
  5. Yes, if you buy a higher speed stick you can always make it work at a lower speed.
  6. You know, the funny thing about this moboard is:
    On their website in all their spec's they say "supports FSB1066/FSB800".
    There is NO mention of FSB533 (ie. for D-805 CPU).
    But then, when you get the mobo home you find out it supports FSB533 just fine... however they did not feel the need to mention...?
    So it's hard to say about this memory business. Surprises could be not unexpected y'know?
    Get it to POST with the single 512MB Samsung DDR2-400 (in the memory slot farthest from the CPU).

    ...is still my best advice to you.
    If you can get it to POST just once, and get into the BIOS (as Buff has noted) you will be off & running.
    Beg/borrow/steal (or of course purchase if you must) different memory if it just won't start with yours :(
  7. Since I don't know of anyone whom I can get the memory from, I ordered it on my own and ordered some Corsair XMS2 memory:


    I believe this should work okay. Does anyone know what I have to do in the BIOS to make the 400 work, and will that impact my gaming abilities? Thank you in advance for the help, I don't have any experience in this area.
  8. It will probably default to 400. Use SPD as setting for the memory.
  9. Quote:
    Does anyone know what I have to do in the BIOS to make the 400 work

    You got PC2-5400, which runs @ 333MHz (667DDR).
    It will probably run faster but really no need...
    If pushing your CPU to OC, make sure you remove the memory as a factor by running within its spec.
  10. I'm having new problems that I got some different RAM...

    My PC now just shuts down at random intervals, between 30 seconds and 3 minutes or so. I have no idea what's wrong, and Abit's not here.
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