E6600 Issues.

I bought a new system in prep for Vista.

E6600 Conroe

eVGA 8800 GTX

OCZ Gamestream 700W PSU

Asus P5b Deluxe/WIFI

OCZ Gold 800 MHZ (4GB)

and a Scythe Infinity Cooler to keep things under control.

I overclocked to 3.4 and the load temps were about 55C, Not overly good. Then as I increased the FSB to 380-399 it all works fine until I try 400. The system wont start up at all and I am forced to remove the BIOS battery and reset it. Any reason why it wont let me hit 400 when I can do 399 stable? And are those temps normal for that cooler/CPU/Speeds? Thanks.
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  1. Depends if you are talking about 55 degrees for the CPU or for the Cores... My E6600 @ 400x8 (3,2GHz) using the stock cooler is at 50 degrees while full but my core are at 68 degrees at the same time...

    To generally get a better O/c, u need to keep the RAM/CPU ratio to 1:1, try 400 x 8 with board and I'm pretty sure it will work fine ;)

    After try to tweak your voltage a bit to bring it even higher and reach your 3,4 or 3,6 or more as u wish...
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