Socket repair possible on ASUS A8V mobo?

My new 4400+X2 is now 937 pin - you can probably make some good guesses about the story behind that :oops: . The problem now is that the correspnding sockets on the mobo for the CPU pin locations don't look right. I can't see a metalic reflection of connectors inside those holes. Vacuumed out the socket but still looks the same. Put the old 3400 back in but post reports "system failed CPU test". I'm assuming that the socket is hosed. Is there a way to make sure? Is the socket replacable?
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  1. This isn't one of those "flame bait", idiot posts. I actually crunched the processor while tighting the clamp on the heat sink. The reason I mentioned the socket contacts is that I don't know if the CPU pins broke off while straightening them back out or while being forced into the socket holes. Since the other processor goes back in, I'm assuming the pins are not in the socket.

    What can I do to find out for sure if the socket/mobo is gone?

    If the mobo is gone, will there be a problem retreiving the data from my RAID1 array, i.e., will I need the same RAID controller to access the primary drive? Can I get to the information by placing the drive in an external enclosure and running it from my laptop off a USP port?
  2. OK - never mind.

    For Sale: 937 pin AMD 4400X2. Only 3 weeks old. Most CPU pins are relatively straight. ASUS A8V mobo w/ matching socket. Make offer :cry:

    While we're at it: have 2X1G Kingston HyperX DDR PC4000 and 2X512 sticks - same specs. Also *%#@ AGP card. Will trade all for C2D w/ mobo, DDR2 RAM and PCIe card.
  3. Sorry, but I didn't come across this one till just now. So what you are saying is that you crunched your CPU into the socket while putting on a HSF?? You have visibly confirmed that you are missing pins on your CPU? A new CPU will fit into your existing socket and lock into place? What's the scoop here? The socket is replacable if you have very very very very good soldering skills, but that is not too likely. No offence. I would just replace the mobo.

    Just wondering, how did you crunch the proc putting on a Heatsink? What Heatsink was it, maybe we should advise the others on the site about it.

    EDIT 1

    BTW your RAID data is hosed unless you get that mobo to post as your RAID data and config is in the RAID BIOS on the mobo. I made a similar mistake a few years ago with a RAID array. Now I do nothing less then RAID 5 if I absolutely have to go RAID.
  4. I originally had a Swiftech cooler on the 3400. When I put the 4400X2 in, the temps were around 56 loaded and idled around 48. Thought that was a little high so decided to put the stock cooler on. It was late, and didn't have much light, thought I had the CPU seated properly but must have slightly bent a few pins when it came out with the old heatsink. Anyway, I didn't check and had to push the HS lever down pretty hard to get it seated. I wasn't familiar with the lever type since the Swiftech had spring loaded screws to hold it in place. Anyway - that's when I really bent the pins. Took several hours with a magnifying glass and razor blade to straighted out the bent pins and that's when I thought I heard one snap but wasn't sure since it wasn't one on an end row. I still woulnd't post and that's when I noticed that the socket didn't look quite right. vacuumed it out just in case there was a pin left inside the socket. Tried my other processor and it woulnd't post either. The socket now looks allright but it still won't post so assuming it's broken.

    There's nothing unusual that others need to know about - just a dumb mistake on my part. Was hoping there was some way to repair it but several shops around town have said it's most likely beyond repair.

    Since I was running a RAID1 array, assuming a SATA/USB enclosure will retrieve the data whle I use my laptop.
  5. I wish you luck on the RAID retreival, but I wouldn't hold my breath. If it does work out for you let us know. I'm not a fan of the retension mechanisim of the S939 boards. That lever looks like it is going to snap off when you put the HSF on sometimes.
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