Boss wants me to setup a network, need some advice.

So as I said in the title, my boss wants me to set up a wireless network. basically he wants to be able to use one priner, cd cover maker, and share files between three Windows XP run computers. I know a little bit about how it all works but no enough to just say, OK! and then have it done in 2 hours.

Basically we have two Win XP computers and I am about to build a third. We also have a Mac Editing Computer. It would be nice to network all of them but I just assume the Mac would bring me alot of problems if you can even network it at all with the other three Windows computers.

Since there are three other companies that work in this house with us, as best I can tell, the ony Windows XP computer hooked up the net now, is just hard wired from the wall via a LONG cord that ends up in the cloeset and out the top of the ceiling. I assume this is connected to a router.

Is it posible for me just to buy a wireless router and connect it to that cord, and then hae wireless adapotrs for the three computers? Or will that router (which i dont know the location of) give me problems.

I don't really have a budget. I was just told to do it.

Any help would be awesome.
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  1. This is cake! Don't sweat it.

    First, go to the pc that has the outside connection to it and find out if it has a static ipaddress or dynamic. To do this, press start, run, type cmd and hit enter. You will get a dos window, type ipconfig /all and hit enter. You will be able to see a lot of information. The first thing to look for is to see if the DHCP is enabled. If so, see if your IP Address starts with 192 or 10 or 172. These are private addresses that a router is giving out. If DHCP is not enabled, then you may have a bit of trouble. Try changing the last number in the last part of the IP and see if it still gets out to the I-net. If you are, when you network everything, use the same IP but change the last number in the address.
    IF however, the ipaddress of the machine doesn't start any of those three numbers, you have a public IP and that's a good thing.

    Next, decide on what you will need. 3pc's and a network printer.
    Do any of the pc's have network cards. %99 have them built in.
    Thats cheaper than buying wireless.
    I would get a basic wired router with 5+ ports. Every person will give you a different answer as to what brand to get so I can only recommend a named brand such as linksys, d-link (my preference), or netgear. Make sure that which ever you pick, it has a built in print server or you will have to purchase a separate piece of equipment for that if your printer isn't already capable of being networked.

    Premade cat5-e cables are cheap so decide on what length you need to make everything connect to the router.

    The rest is hooking up cables, setting up ipaddresses (if DHCP is not enabled), and going through the network setup wizard on the router.

    Lastly, you will want to make all of the computer part of the same work group and set up some shared folders on each computer. I'm sure you can figure these things out or check on or press F1 and look it up in the help files.

    I hope this helps.

    Best of Luck!
  2. Need to know how big your router/switch/hub is in the closet. It may be easier just adding a AP to your current system.

    Your MAC will be one of the easiest to do, then you will say " I wish pc's were this easy"
  3. Well i would wire them 2 computers will be in one room, one in another and the mac is in yet another room. So hard wiring them isnt an option. Money is not a big deal, as the second poster said, would it just be easier for me to buy an AP and connect it to the one wire coming from the closet that has net and then set the rest up rather then messing with the router that is already there?

  4. This would be the easiet, just need is an open port on your router or switch to connect a AP (wirelees 11b/g). For best performance you need to get in the visinity.
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