Overclocking AMD64 3500 Venice with stock cooler

I was wondering what is a safe/stable FBS for my CPU with the stock cooler
it runs 26C right now on idle so ya

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  1. As fast as it will go without getting too hot.
  2. well what is too hot? for that processor? would you say?
  3. As far as I can gather, most people here recommend OCing slowly, testing in between steps and monitoring temps during the tests to find out what your setup will do comfortably.

    There is no hard and fast rules except that everyone will get different results. There are too many factors, case, fans, setup, air flow etc to be able to say what you will be able to achieve.

    IMO that CPU should be able to do about 2.65Ghz on stock cooling without too much problem if everything is setup ok.

    As a suggestion, when you have to start increasing the CPU voltage the temps start to increase more so why not try to see how fast you can get it on stock voltage and test the temps then, I personally would not like to see my CPU temp go over approx 50C under load but I do intend to keep mine for a while.
  4. start your oc and see how high it can go with no or very little
    vlt bump.

    you can oc and not get a rise in temp if you keep stock vlts.
    but you can go a little more with slight vlt bump.

    if it idles at 26c thats pretty low.
    go for 2.3 check temps and stability
    then go 2.4 and so on.

    if you can get 2.6 then you might have to raise the vlts to go higher.

    your results will also depend on the rest of your sys. too.
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