best graphics card my pc can handle?

my x800xt seems to have just died on me, so i'm looking to upgrade, but don't really know much about graphics cards.

pc specs are:
amd athlon 64 4000+
2gb ram
silent x 350w psu (included with my barebones shuttle xpc, so i dont think upgrading this is an option.. and i'm not sure of the amps per rail either, i tried to look this up but can't really find info on it)

i'm not sure what the best card i can upgrade to is, since i think my power supply is kinda limiting my choices, but im looking for the best that it can handle reliably. does anyone have any advice for me? thanks
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  1. First I Have A Question.... What Speed Is Your RAM?
    Second Question.... What Is Your Motherboard AGP Or PCI-E?
  2. sorry.. the ram is DDR 400 (pc 3200), and motherboard is pci-e
  3. 7600 gt is the best choice for you right now.
  4. hm, is that really the top option for a 350w psu limit?
  5. You might be able to go a little higher, but I wouldn't risk it. The 7600GT is a fine card for its price anyway.

    Try this calculator to see if you can go any higher with your current components.
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