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Hi there,
I just upgraded to Windows 7 64 Professional and everything was working fine until earlier today when I noticed the sound would skip/crackle a little about every 10seconds when playing music in iTunes (64bit version). Then I found that this happened in GOM player too, and in games - or at least Far Cry 2 which was the only one I've tried so far. But it doesn't happen in Windows Media Player. My soundcard is a Creative X-Fi Gamer and all drivers are up-to-date with the Windows 7 64bit ones.

Any ideas or theories as to why this is happening? I've tried uninstalling AC3 filter, disabiling all Sound Card features (like EAX, Crystalliser etc), reinstalling the driver, updating other (Motherboard drivers) and nothing has worked. Is it worth me trying the normal 32bit version of iTunes? I can't see that being the issue because of the other programs having the same problem.

I've been trying to think what has happened today to cause this. Would having a cpu-temperature monitor in the background cause this? I am open to ANY suggestions at this point.
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  1. "Is it worth me trying the normal 32bit version of iTunes?"
    Give it a try, 32 bit software works fine in a 64 bit OS. Nothing to loose, but uninstall the 64 bit version first.
  2. Thanks for the help. I think I may have fixed it just by deleting the entire library then loading it back in. I think something got 'stuck' when it went searching for artwork and that must have affected everything.
    If it plays up again I'll go back to the 32 bit version.
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