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I've just purchased a new computer which has Windows 7 installed as the OS. I continue to get the error message "Your computer appears to be correctly configured but the device or resource (DNS server) is not responding". I have flushed the DNS server, and have also changed the IP address to be obtained automatically, however the issue is still not resolved.
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  1. It might be an incorrectly configured DNS, in the settings for the NIC, click on the advanced button to make sure there is nothing listed causing an issue. Also, you could change your DNS provider to someone like OpenDNS. ( and I've had pretty good luck (and speed) out of using OpenDNS rather than an ISP's DNS. If your local DNS is glitchy, being attacked, or down you could have DNS issues. Also, Google has DNS @ that anyone can use.

    Good luck
  2. Still no avail! :(
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