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I’m trying to build a new system, I’ve always used Asus in the past, but I’ve been thinking about trying out a BFG Tech graphics card. Is this a good idea or a bad idea, what kind of experience have you had with BFG?
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  1. It depends which BFG card do you want to try. If you are talking about the new Geforce 88xx series it doesn't matter which brand you choose because the cards are all identical. As far as benchmarks go. If you want to get a 7xxx series Nvidia card BFG cards are over clocked by the manufacturer so their benchmarks are higher than for example Asus cards. I have been using BFG in the past 2 years and i was very satisfied with them. I had to use e-mail customer service ones and i got a reply within a few hours.

    I highly recommend BFG products they are kick a$$.
  2. It doesn't matter really. Quality is basically same among all manufacturers.

    BFG is a very good brand for nVidia cards, but like I said, it doesn't really matter. Look for the best deal.
  3. Both are great companys. ASUS has 3yr Warrenty BFG has Lifetime Warrenty. Since they are close to the same cards I would shop for Warrenty and Service. Again Both have it. Here are the Companys that have Lifetime Warrentys that I know of.


    Good Luck:) :P
  4. Asus tech support sucks badly. I've stuck with BFG. I've had 2 different cards die on me and had no problem getting them replaced. Just call up and talk to someone, they dont fight about the replacement or blame you. Probably some of the best tech support and RMA that i've ever received.

    So lifetime warranty + great tech support is worth the extra (maybe $20) that you'll spend.
  5. Quote:

    So lifetime warranty + great tech support is worth the extra (maybe $20) that you'll spend.

    I can't agree with you more.
  6. I would prefer BFG, Evga and Asus but the cheapest price would be a good deal as well.
  7. Why go asus though. You know the tech support for the mb is terrible, u expect anything better for the video. Tech support and warranty are the biggest things when spending this much money. Don't want something DOA or to die in like a week and it takes u a week to contact the RMA then another 2 weeks to get it back. I'd rather have a complete turnaround of less than a week.
  8. Well it's a good thing I haven't use Asus customer support. I was using Asus on my last year build and had no problem with it.
  9. All the research and "tech support" i've ever had for my asus & abit mb suck badly. And i've found out within the past 4yrs that BFG surpasses them all in support (used to buy Asus vid cards too). So now I use BFG Vid & MB for my new machine. Lifetime warranty > all.
  10. I never knew that BFG actually makes motherboards as well. :?

    D'oh 8O
  11. Yea i guess its fairly new. I just new I was going with a 680i mb and seen they had one.
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