raptor 10,000rpm for gaming? worth it or wait?

new computer..

should i go ahead and spend the money for 2 raptors and raid 0 or wait for the next gen of HDs(with onboard memory)?
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  1. i dont recall anything what-so-ever about the on board memory HDD coming out any time soon.

    do you have a time frame for this?
  2. no... actually my next question was going to be does anyone know when these new HD's will be hitting the shelves.
  3. I thought i read it was going to be not to long after vista has been released.
  4. just checking around and found a few articles indicating samsung and seagate already have prototypes of the drives so maybe not so long.

    Seagate Momentus 5400 PSD. Unfortunately it looks like notebooks will get the new drives first.

    Another from Anand that also seems to confirm that they will be released for laptops first along side of the Windows Vista release at the end of january.

    Lots of people seem worried about the flash failing on desktop models as flash has a limited life span. Perhaps we wont be seeing these in desktops for a good while :?:
  5. Hybrid systems have a much higher failure rate than disk. Also the idea behind these drives is efficiency and longevity. The will work with systems to lower seek and load times of applications, but the performance will will stay par with other drives out now until the pipe technology is changed.
  6. Go for the raptors. Let the new technology mature a generation or two first.
  7. I like my raid, I'd like to upgrade to dual 74gb though...
    Fast little bastards they be!
  8. Yes you should wait for the hybrid hard drives, they should be at CES in January. Ive seen them in action and they are AWESOME. games load some much faster. the model i saw in use had a 8 gig flash moduel on it an, windows vista will also be optimized for this after the drives release.
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