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Questions about OCing a C2D E6600 on an Asus P5B Deluxe

Last response: in Overclocking
December 27, 2006 4:31:56 PM

Hello all,
I'm not at all new to computers or overclocking but I am pretty new to my lovely C2D E6600. Lets just say that my last run-in with overclocking was in the A7N8X times. After running my box nice and stable for about a month at stock settings, I started to play with overclocking it last night.

Currently I'm running at a 333mhz FSB with the multiplier at 9. This is with a 1.3 vCore in the bios (1.24 with no fluctuation reporting in SpeedFan) along with the settings laid out in the guide stickied on this forum. This is rock-solid stable with no errors being reported in Memtest86 and running Orthos overnight.

In my playing last night I was able to bring my chip up to 3.6ghz (401 x 9) @ a 1.375 vCore. This booted into Windows just fine and ran Super-PI as well as all of the Sandra benchmarks but once I started Orthos it errored out pretty quickly with round errors.

Ok enough blabbering, heres my questions:

1. How do I disable the Vanderpool (virtualization?) on my P5B Deluxe? It is grayed out and I can't change it.
1a: Does this have a big effect on stability?

2. What other things can I do to make my system stable at these settings? Should I up the voltage to 1.4?

3. What temps are you guys comfortable with seeing? When I was running tests last night at a 401mhz FSB I was seeing temps go as high as 144-147ish F (62-63 C). I'm cooling with a Zalman 9500.

Below are my overclocking notes (sorry, they are missing some details). Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks much,


Stock Clocking:
Super PI 1M: 22.109S (Checksum 5689E0BA)
SiSoft Sandra:
Processor Arithmetic:
Dhrystone: 22072
Whetstone: 15131
Processor Multi-Media:
Integer: 131258
FP: 70971
Memory Bandwidth:
Int: 5029
Float: 5005

333mhz FSB Clock - vCore @ 1.4:
Super PI 1M: 17.422 (6AA2D940)
SiSoft Sandra:
Processor Arithmetic:
Dhrystone: 27643
Whetstone: 19004
Processor Multi-Media:
Integer: 164389
FP: 88791
Memory Bandwidth:
Int: 4800
Float: 4817

401mhz FSB Clock - vCore @ 1.4:
Super PI 1M: 14.875 (21FB901B)
SiSoft Sandra:
Processor Arithmetic:
Dhrystone: 33236
Whetstone: 22869
Processor Multi-Media:
Integer: 197951
FP: 106971
Memory Bandwidth:
Int: 5617
Float: 5632

401mhz FSB Clock (RAM in 1-2-, timings at 4,4,4,4 15) - vCore @ 1.4:
Super PI 1M: 14.688 (F7C24931)
SiSoft Sandra:
Processor Arithmetic:
Dhrystone: 33204
Whetstone: 22871
Processor Multi-Media:
Integer: 198011
FP: 107109
Memory Bandwidth:
Int: 6546
Float: 6546

401mhz FSB Clock (RAM in 1-2-, timings at 4,4,4,4 12) - vCore @ 1.3375:
Super PI 1M: Error - need higher vCore, nearing ideal settings though?
SiSoft Sandra:
Processor Arithmetic:
Dhrystone: 33335
Whetstone: 22811
Processor Multi-Media:
Integer: 197512
FP: 107066
Memory Bandwidth:
Int: 6597
Float: 6613
Note: Orthos error during beginning of run.

401mhz FSB Clock (RAM in 1-2-, timings at 4,4,4,4 12) - vCore @ 1.35:
Restart during SiSoft Sandra Processor Multi-Media test.

401mhz FSB Clock (RAM in 1-2-, timings at 4,4,4,4 12) - vCore @ 1.3625:
Super PI 1M: 14.703 (9B2AA402)
SiSoft Sandra:
Processor Arithmetic:
Dhrystone: 33266
Whetstone: 22837
Processor Multi-Media:
Integer: 197643
FP: 106912
Memory Bandwidth:
Int: 6509
Float: 6523
Note: Orthos error soon after start

333mhz FSB Clock (RAM in 1-2-, timings at 4,4,4,4 12) - vCore @ 1.30:
***Note: Seems like a stable, albeit conservative overclock.
Super PI 1M: 17.313 (904EEE35)
SiSoft Sandra:
Processor Arithmetic:
Dhrystone: 27531
Whetstone: 19004
Processor Multi-Media:
Integer: 164216
FP: 88767
Memory Bandwidth:
Int: 5991
Float: 5996
3DMark2005: 10058
December 27, 2006 6:21:17 PM

Dude, I need 1,425v for vCore to get 400x8 (3,2GHz) stable so if you want 400 x 9 you might need to crank up to 1,45 or 1,475...

That should make it Orthos stable ;) 
December 27, 2006 7:24:49 PM

Thanks for the reply. Any word on acceptable temps? Is being in the 60s (C) ok?
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December 27, 2006 11:17:50 PM

I just got my own setup today. e6600 and p5b deluxe. ill do some more testing tomorrow, but for now its running dual primes at 333*9 @1,3125vcore.

oh and since im using semi passive cooling (Scythe ninja with intake + exhaust fan only) Im very interested in the temperatures meassured. I have read almost all temp post i can find, and from what i understand, it all comes down to "If you use less than 1.5vcore and the system doesnt crash - youre pretty safe - even though coretemps show 65c"

atm my idle temp is arround 47c, and dual primes gets it up to 64c - just under wusy' 26c delta raise, and its stable so i guess im good :p 
December 27, 2006 11:49:40 PM

Try to keep temp as low as possible .... I've read several threads where people mentioned that the temp under 65*C is considreing OK ... ;)  ...

My E6600 400x9 (3.6GHz) ran Orthor for 34+hrs at vcore=1.5125v (BIOS) or 1.44v (loaded) ... temp: idle 43*C / loaded 58*C

Currently running my E6600 at vcore 1.5v (BIOS) --- 1.43v (loaded) with vdimm 2.25v. ..... Still trying to low the vcore
January 2, 2007 11:06:33 PM

You need to do a boot from cold iron in order to be able to change the Vanderpool setting. Shut down all power with the PSU switch or unplug it from the wall. When you boot up, Vanderpool will be changeable. I turned it off because a guy said it was a good idea. I think it frees up some CPU time, but not sure.

Good P5B OC Blog

Another little tidbit I got from somewhere else was some FSB freqs on the P5B series can really screw up performance. 400 is ok, 401 is not. Here's the gouge:

P5B OC gouge

I'm comfortable with 64C at 100% load mostly because I never use 100% load. My target is to stay below 60C @ 100% load so I am getting a better cooler.