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BIOS problem with PcChipsM755LMRE

Last response: in Motherboards
December 27, 2006 4:34:22 PM

Well, yesterday my uncle gave me his old pc, its a celeron 500Mhz, 384Mb PC-100, 80GB WD IDE and a PcCHips M755LMRE mobo

the problem is that when you shut down the computer, all bios settings are lost

If you shut it down and then turn it on in less than a couple of minutes, the settings are not lost, but if you wait a little longer, you'll have to reconfigure everything again

I have already replaced the battery and also checked if the CLEAR_CMOS jumper was in the erase position, but nope, it's in the correct position :S

I've searched all over the net but I can't seem to find anything about the M755LMRE model, but M755LMR model...there are 2 versions, 5.x and 7,x and for what I saw, mine is 5.7

The version number is printed on the corner of the mobo where the keyboard connector is, that's where I got it

So, what could be causing the problem?

note: everest reports it as a LMRE, but apparently there's no such mainboard (or all traces of it where destroyed by the FBI/CIA/KGB), and IF it were an LMR then it would be v 5.7 as stated
January 6, 2007 3:49:01 AM

thats sounds about right for a pcChips motherboard. I have had nothing but problems with them.
a b V Motherboard
January 6, 2007 12:35:23 PM

All I can think of is that the motherboard battery is not getting recharged when the computer is in use. There is no fix for this that I know of besides a new mobo, but you could try getting another new battery from a different source than the first one.
January 6, 2007 6:14:12 PM

Replacing battery was done a long time ago..

My uncle was having problems with it so first thing he did was replacing the battery, since that didn't work, well, he abandoned the pc and gave it to me

So, there goe the "replace battery" option ....

He got that board because, the one he had previously ceased to function (reasons unknown) and a friend of his gave that board forfree (I wonder why...)

Anyways....he used it for a few months until this problem started...

Also, I don't know if he run it on an oven or something because, the cpu fan ceased to function, so he replaced the heatsink with a bigger one and a small fan (those you find on pentium I or II processors...) and it runs idle at 51ºC

Almost forgot...he OC'ed it when the BIOS settings were getting damaged....he was setting it at 100Mhzx5 instead of 66Mhzx7.5..imagine it running friggin hot xD

Also, I gave him my old geforce 2 Mx400.......well, first thing I see when I opened up the case...the fan lies on the bottom of the case...I removed the vidcard and I found that the plastic where the fan was is all melted...when I have time I'll upload a picture of it

I have already begun looking for a replacement mobo, I really want this thing to work, it's no fun to share a pc with another 4ppl... specially when they all click "allow" on anything the firewall pops up...