Hey guys.. Looking for the best VPN/Firewall that i can get for around $150. I am looking for a bundled 1 user client with it. I have looked at Netgear and DLink but not sure about these. I found a great Netgear model that has built in 150MHZ CPU withought the bundled client but it is $230. I would be willing to spend $150 withought the software for now but trying to get the most bang for my buck. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Well the netgear you hint to is a FVS338, this can be had on ebay sometimes for $130.00 new w/client. I've seen the client for $40.

    But a note of caution. I have this router and there is a problem with renewing lease times over 24 hrs. with the latest fw 1.6.47 including a dev I'm testing now. v1.6.29 does not have this problem.

    The FVS 328 works fine.
  2. Yes that one looks great but I was more or less thinking of the one with a built in CPU to handle most of the work. Think that may be best for me.. What do you think? FVL328 Is the model with the CPU.
  3. The cpu is in the FVS 338 & 538 if I recall. The 338 is twice as fast as the 328, I have that one to.
  4. This one is the FVL328

    Key Benefits

    * Up to 100 simultaneous IPSec VPN tunnels
    * High-speed 150 MHz CPU for fast tunneling throughput
    * True Firewall with Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) and Intrusion Detection
    * Denial of Service (DoS) attack protection
    * 168-bit 3DES IPSec encryption

    And this one is the FVS338

    Key Benefits

    * Up to 50 simultaneous IPSec VPN security associations
    * Advanced SPI Firewall, Multi-NAT, and 8-port 10/100 switch
    * Proactive policy enforcement for anti-virus and anti-spam security
    * Quality of Service (QoS) - ability to support voice & multimedia
    * Built-in serial port for dial-up access and autofailover
    * Bundled with NETGEAR ProSafe VPN Client single user license (VPN01L)
    * Bundled 60 day trial version of Trend Micro’s Client/Server and Client/Server/Messaging Suite for Small and Medium Business
    * SNMP Manageable - Optimized for ProSafe Network Management Software NMS100
    * VPN Wizard & SmartWizard™ for ease of configuration
    * Compatible with other VPNC-certified IPSec VPN devices and software
    * Trend Micro & NETGEAR VPN Firewall

    What one do you think I should get??
  5. The 338 has a 266mhz processor with 16/32 meg ram.

    It has a higher WAN through put 92 vs 52 mbps, noticable.

    My under standing the 338 has a lot better vpn performace. I thought I read some where that it has 2 processors. 1 for des (vpm) and another to handle the lan traffic.

    Now with that said. I know the 338 is having a lease renewal problem. This seams only related to lease times >24 hrs. The FVS328 that I have does not have this problem, nor does the 538, according to the forums.

    If you have time to work ebay. The 338 can be had for $130 (new) is a great price and includes client software. But if you thing you may have to return it. Fry's 220 price is not bad.

    The 328 model has been selling for $75 used on ebay.

    If you have a good uplink speed to where you will be connecting, the 338 will give better performance. If you have a slow connection the 328 may be fine.
  6. Ok, Seems like the model you are talking about sounds great although I could not find it for cheaper then 200 on ebay. =o(. I ended up buying ht e328 model for $55 + $12 shipping last night on ebay. I thought it was a cannot pass up deal. I then just bought the client seperate. Hopefully it works well for me. Thanks for all your input.
  7. Thats what happen to me (total 42) , then 30 days latter I ran across the 338.
  8. Maybe I'll find it cheap down the road but hopefully this works for now. The guy said it was not a refurb and works great but I still could not see why he was selling it so cheap. It was $65 or best offer so I offered $55 to him and he accepted. You figure its a $200 piece of hardware retail so there has to be something wrong with it. Hopefully just cosmetics.
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