CORSAIR Dominator ?

What one is better? Will be used with ASUS Striker Extreme and will use 4Gb with Vista. I know timing will have to change to use 4Gb. Will it be a waste to buy 4 sticks of PC2 8888?

TWIN2X2048-9136C5D TWIN2X2048-8888C4DF

DDR2 1142 (PC2 9136) DDR2 1111 (PC2 8888)

5 4

5-5-5-15 4-4-4-12
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  1. It may be a waste to buy anything faster than PC2-4200. What are your goals for the system? Is price an issue? Will you be OCing? What CPU are you using? Typically, you'll get the biggest boost in performance by increasing the memory speed to match the CPU FSB (i.e. PC2-4200 for a non-OC'd C2D). Performance increases from higher memory speeds will be less (and can even be negative in certain cases). Reducing the latency can be as least as important as boosting the speed.
  2. Going to use Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 and its for gaming. I will overclock to at least match Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800. Price is no problem.
  3. Waste!

    Get some Super Talent or Team Xtreem memory. Save a bundle.
  4. Agreed. If you're planning on OC'ing by that modest amount only then you need not spend mega bucks on that type of Ram. Get a good set of Ram, the Super Talent brand mentioned by above poster is usually pretty good bang/buck, and get maybe a PC 5400 or PC 6400 set. I'd get the 6400 only if you think you may OC more later on. Otherwise a decent PC 5400 set should get you where you want to be without the high cost.

    If you plan on upgrading to Vista in the near future I don't think 4gigs is necessarily a waste. As time marches on and DDR3 comes into the mainstream later 2007-early 2008 it could be tough at some point to match the same type memory if you only buy 2gigs now. Save the $ you can by not getting uber DDR2 8888 Ram since you're not going to OC to the extreme.
  5. which ones are the cas 4s?

    i had the same dilemma, and the same question i was about to ask.

    only one person asked the question instead of going off topic and ranting about prices, if the OP wanted value he would say so.

    now, after which ever one is identified as cas 4. Please tell which is better, Low latencies or high bandwidth and why.

    Plus i was thinking about getting the corsair dominator fans, but people say it's too slow and weak, any other suggestions?

    thank you
  6. Will if price is no biggie for you then go get 4Gb of ramage for maximum performance and overclocking. The Dominator are good but OCZ have thier air/water-cooled version that runs much faster even without the liquid loop hooked up. Are you going to use 2 8800GTX then? I assume so, no doubt you'll have to water cool that cpu as well to do some serious overclocking, again to maximize the use of the system and performance.
  7. so the OCZ flex XLC out perform the corsair dominator? same bandwidth and latency? what about overclockability im trying to find the best ram on the market today same as the OP i guess. i was looking at the flex XLC models form OCX but people told me corsair was the best. I liked the OCZ flex XLC models, i was gonna water cool them off this summer if i got them(budgets too tight to water cool now, need a new loop) please expand on which model is better, is corsair which model?

    BTW lower latency or higher bandwidth which is better? maximum PC did an article but it's not on their site yet, and i can't find the November issue. anyone know the results?
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