How to overclock my E6300

Hi I'm new to overclocking and heres what I have

Biostar T-Force P965PT
2x512 DDR2 800 Corsair XMS
Artic Cooler 7 Pro

I'm wanting to OC it to 2.6. Do I just change the Bus speed from 266 to 367?
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  1. "bios" Is not really a thorough explanation to me
  2. i never use your mobo~ i am using e6300+gigabyte 965 ds3 f7bios + 2g geil ddr800 dual channel now~

    restart and get into bios, and there should be settings necessary for overclock.

    just give you my settings of giga ds3 and hope this could be a guide to you:
    multiplier 7
    frequency 400
    memory latency 4
    memory multiplier 2.0
    pcie frequency 100
    cpu voltage 1.1875
    others default

    good luck~~
  3. Well the only thing I could find was Fixed PCI-e at 100 and changed the freq to 360 to get 2.5 and It just turned off then restarted by itself and restored bios so hmm.
  4. default:
    CPU 7 x 266 = 1.862 Ghz
    mem 3 x 266 = 800Mhz

    So you want 2.6 Ghz: (you can definitely go higher.)
    2600 / 7 = 371
    mem max= 800 /371 = 2 multiplier to keep it from going over 800

    Set mem to spec timings and voltage
    set mem mulitplier to 2
    slowly increase FSB to 371 (you might need to increase voltage for stability)

    Your memory is only rated for 800 so don't go above 400 FSB without memtesting the memory.
    As you increase CPU speed, test for stability. (recommend slowly incrementing)

    download prime95 into two directories. run from both places, set one for affinity 0 and the other for affinity 1. Run torture test as on both core as you approach 2.6 Ghz. (make sure Task Manager shows both CPU maxed.) A quick 15 minute run per increment will be good for now.

    When you think you have reached your limit for the CPU, run the two prime95 overnight.

    Good Luck. (Expect to waste a week of your life on this project.)
  5. Well I dont really know what I'm doing and it keeps shutting down whe I try this stuff everytime I push the save and exit bios button after I do this stuff it shutdowns for like 5 sec the restarts with default and I dont understand why so I just set the overclock function to extreme and let it do its thing in bios and it raised it to 2.01 I guess its better than nothing hopefully someone will get this board and be able to walk me through it step by step

    Remember heres what I got
    Biostar T-Force P965PT
    2x512 DDR2 800 Corsair XMS
    Artic Cooler 7 Pro

    I will oc to what ever you guys think is safe currently I am at 2.01 and 26c

    Maybe you guys can fill in the blanks here is what my bios looks like

  6. Im sure someone knows what to put in these blanks

  7. try:

  8. well i tried what you said besides for the 2*370 because the only options there are 533/677/800 so I just picked 800. Still just shut down right when I saved and exited bios and reset to default. I dont know what the deal is
  9. well first things first id go google your motherboard and find review sites and see what they got it up to.

    next is to read wusy s guide on the forums (real good for beginners)

    And the main reason its probably dieing is your taking it too far the guy above said 400 frequency which is mad as first most motehrboards cant do that and 2nd its too big a jump and wont help you at all.
  10. I bet your problem is the memory setting. If those 533/667/800 RAM settings actually correspond to ratios relative to the default 266MHz FSB (1:1/5:4/3:2), then setting it to 800MHz may actually be setting your RAM to 1110MHz.

    Try it with the 533 setting... maybe?
  11. Your settings look similar to mine.

    I have the same Mobo and a Xeon 3040 (which is very similiar to the E6300).
    Also, I am running stock cooling and WINTEC AMPO 512MB x 1 DDR2 800 RAM.

    Right now, my settings are:

    CPU Voltage: 1.325
    FSB Termination Voltage: 1.4 V
    (G)MCH Voltage: 1.55 V
    Memory Voltage: 2.2 V
    System Memory Freq: 533MHz
    CPU Clock: 400MHz
    PCIE Clock Set: Fixed 100

    ->DRAM Configuration
    DRAM Timing Selectable: Manual
    CAS Latency Time: 5
    DRAM RAS# to CAS# Delay 5
    DRAM RAS# Precharge: 5
    Precharge delay (tRAS): 18
    TWR: Auto
    TWTR: Auto
    TRRD: Auto
    TRTP: Auto

    I just started OC'ing this PC today (I got parts for Christmas :-D ), so I am not sure if it will run stable if I lower any of the voltages. I will probably Test it some more tomorrow. I used wusy's guide to help get to where I am so far.

    So far I got Prime95 to run for 30 min with these settings no problem. Hope this helps.
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