Would the graphic card fit in and work ?

Firstly i would like to say hi to everyone. Im very new in this community and I was looking for some help regarding hardware, mainly CPUs, Graphics and mobos.
Well My old graphic card which was nvidia geforce 5900 128mb, got overclocked and burned. I wanted to squeez as much juice from it as possible but... sadly it burned. Now Im thinking of buying new Graphic card. I was really impresed with geforce 7950 512mb and geforce 8800. I really need graphic card now mainly to render and play games. At the moment Im using some acient 64mb card I found in garage, it cant even withstand rendering process or even turn BF2 on. Im not 100% sure about the costs of the 2 above mentioned cards all I know there are around £200 maybe. Thats fine but it also requires a good mobo to run properly. And new mobo requires new CPU. So I came out with Idea if I could buy one component at the time and put it together later on. So first thing I would buy will be graphic card, either 7950 or 8800. The broblem is would they fit my mobo which is nforce2 ? if yes then would it work properly ? I also got 300W PSU and AMD athlon xp 2200+ 1,8GHz.

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  1. First of all, Welcome to THGC!!!

    I'm pretty sure Nforce 2 predates PCIe, the interface used by all the cards you are looking at. The best you could hope for is a high-end AGP. Currently the best is the X1950 Pro, but the AGP version is hard to find (Other options are the X850 Pro and the 7600GT). Even then your other hardware will probably bottleneck it anyway.

    I suggest saving up for a new system and buying everything you need to bring you up to speed. What I mentioned above is really your only other option regarding upgrading a graphics card.
  2. I agree, anything more than a 7600GT, or X8XX series card wouldn't be worth it with your current system. Even then, you'd need a better PSU.
  3. Yep, you can't use either a 7950 or 8800 with that computer. The best you can do is an AGP X1950 PRO, nothing else touches it in AGP.

    If you can afford to go to a PCI express system with a good PSU, then get an 8800. Much better than a 7950 GX2.
  4. its a good system, pretty much what i have minus the video card. but i must say, if your putting a new system together like that, you may as well go with a core2duo. Get an e6400 for the price of the x2.
  5. I never have build a computer or anything, Im new into into that stuff. Im only 15 and a half. Well Im must start from something and Im a really big computer fun. Well thx for suggestions eagles I will keep that in mind. I also read somewhere in this forum that AMD 64 4800+ makes computer quite solid. http://www.shopping.com/xPF-AMD-AMD-AHTLON-64-X2-4800
    . What PSU would I need if I decided to buy geforce 8800, AMD 4800+ and ASUS motherbord ? would it have to be anything above 400W ?
  6. yes def. you would need a psu with 34+ amps on the 12v rail.
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