Which is better?

I have a Socket 939 Athlon X2 3800+, 2x 1GB DDR400 2-3-2-5 Patriot Ram, Epox nForce3 Ultra motherboard. I can run each of the following stable:

CPU: 240MHz x 10 = 2.4GHz; Mem: 240MHz 3-3-3-8
CPU: 260MHz x 10 = 2.6GHz; Mem: 217MHz 2.5-3-2-6

Which is better?

My order of importance of uses is:
1. Gaming
2. Photo Editing
3. Video Editing
4. Office Apps
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  1. Why don't you run a few benchmarks to see ?
    I have a hunch that 2.6 with 217 would have the edge, due to lower timings.
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