Am I maxed out at 3200 for E6400, 5-5-5-x pc6400 ram?

I read in the faq that this memory means a ceiling of 410 fsb. Does this mean my ceiling for o/c on the E6400 is 8x400=3200? Board is a Giga DS3. Or is there a sneaky way to get up to the 3.5 or so range? Thx.
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  1. what faq are you referring to? give us your specs!
  2. I was referring to the Core2duo overclocking sticky, the first post on this board. Says ddr2-800 w/ 5-5-5-x is usually good up to 410Mhz.

    Current specs E6400, 2x512 corsair 5-5-5-x ddr2-800, Gigabyte DS3 board.

    Just got more ram, 2x512 corsair 4-4-4-x in the mail today along w/ an Arctic freezer 7 for the cpu, but I'd rather have 2gb ram total installed than 1gb + more o/c'ing. Why didn't I originally buy 4-4-4-x in the first place? Well, I was more of a noob last week than I am this week:)

    So with all 4 sticks in, what do you think I could hit? Thx.
  3. Hmm. Well, I have the fsb:ram set to 1:1, system multiplier @ 2. Can't get it to go over 385 fsb, which is 3.08ghz. It's not bad, I was just hoping for better. I haven't changed any other settings besides memory timings to 5-5-5. Vcore shows 1.275 or so, do I need to push that up? I'm still a lil new at this.
  4. follow wusy's guide, it's a sticky in oc section. and if you're reading 1.275 vcore in bios you have to up it.
  5. also to test stability use prime95, let it run overnight(preferably 12hrs+), and here's guide on how to set up dual instances of prime
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