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Okay this is an interesting issue and I've heard a couple opinions about it. Firstly, I got a PCI and AGP riser card from startech.com. PCI works fine, AGP didnt. I have a x1300 that replaced my artifacting 9700pro. I tried the AGP riser card with the x1300 not anticipating any issues, but alas it did not work. I also tried with 9700 after and nothing. Now, the x1300 will not show anything when plugged directly into the mobo. The 9700 still works, aside from games - so that's fine.
On closer inspection, one of the pins is broken on the riser card. not sure if that happened before or after testing where i plugged/removed it a few times.
One issue I wanted raised is the grooves on the card/riser. By startech and on another forum they said it was okay, but im curious.

the mobo AGP slot is keyed like this |____________| |____|

Riser card - mobo end |______| |_____| |____|

Riser - vga end |___________________|

x1300 |_____________| |____|

9700pro |______| |_____| |____|

If that's not too confusing, you'll see the riser card does not attach to the pins where it has the extra groove like hte 9700. is this bad for the x1300? i've been told no, but it seems odd.

Now, with that out of the way, the x1300 does not show anything to the monitor in my mobo - no signal.
I have an OLD P3 mobo with no hdd - and it seems to work in there! it shows the POST screen at least - it stops the boot on my main computer - sometimes the error is "waiting for vga post" or something along those lines - sometimes it doesnt show anything, but the hdd doesnt grind like a normal boot up.
im currently using a geforce 3 in my main comp - really old.. sigh.. still plays enemy territory.

Anyways, any thoughts or answers to the q's?

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  1. Sounds like perhaps an AGP voltage issue...

    It'd be a lot more helpful if you could say exactly what motherboard you have, as well as the specs of all the cards in question and also link to the riser card you're talking about.
  2. Riser Card
    MSI K8t NEO mobo.. athlon 64 3200+..
    74gig raptor
    I think the psu is 350w.. antec. I've removed the cover in my mod so I dont have the specs anymore. It works with the 9700pro which im thinking uses the same or more power than the x1300..
    What other specs do you need?
    bios and chipsets updated..

    my main Q was about the riser card pins though.. thanks!
  3. Let me simplify the Q.

    Would that riser card work on any agp card similar to the x1300?
    Or would it need a card like the 9700 so that all the pins are connected through?
  4. This is possible.. It doesnt seem to be the likely cause of my problems though, because the x1300 worked for 6 months in this current system, and the 9700 long before that.. and both will work on my OLD and CHEAP 250w PSU. But yes it could be that the PSU is dying.

    I'm sure some of you know the workings of AGP though - I've been reading the R600 thread in anticipation for over a month now and some of those guys go into more detail than I can swallow.

    Pretending I had new components with everything - would that riser card work with the x1300 or similar new agp card?

    I need this working for my mod. I can buy a used 9700 which would have all it's pins passing through, or I can buy/RMA a newer card and have better performance. I'll post pics when it's done!

    Thanks again!
  5. The link to that riser card just said 'product not available'...do you have any description or picture that could help?
  6. odd, it works for me. could you go to the main page and search "riser". It will come up for sure then. StarTech
  7. I'm done with this riser card. It doesnt work. I dont know how they make it but any config doesnt work, and eventually one of the gold pins seemed to blow out like it got too high a voltage.
    Can anyone suggest a site with a better WORKING AGP RISER?
    I liked startech because they are in canada as well - save $ for me.
  8. Yes, I know exactly what's going on.

    Your AGP riser card is AGP Universal on both ends. That means it supports all cards and it supports all boards. One of the keys is for blocking out 1.5V cards the other key is for blocking out 3.3V cards, by eliminating the keys they make all cards fit.

    The problem is, that your x1300 Pro is not likely compatible with your old motherboard. It's a 1.5V card. In fact, if you eliminated the riser card, you'd find the card doesn't even fit the slot of your motherboard.
  9. well my old P3 board is |___________________|
    so yes the x1300 fits in there no problem. havent tested it in there when the x1300 was working, but the fan spins up.
    The 9700pro and the geforce 3 fit in there fine and work.
    the issue is in my main computer, which all cards work (or in the case of the x1300 workED for 6 months) in. If they worked without the riser card, you'd think they'd work with.

    Any suggestions as to where to get a working riser?
  10. Perhaps your riser is damaged then. What chipset is your motherboard?
  11. I had one riser, RMA'd, and got another one (fast shipping is great). Both didnt work. Both ended up blowing out the exact same pin too, I think that happened when i tested it on my old asus p3 mobo.
    My main comp it MSI k8t NEO via chipset.
    I RMA'd my x1300, they'll give it a good test hopefully, even though I suspect the mobo too. That's more of a pain because it's difficult to take apart my mod to switch the mobo - but I guess i'll have to look into finding a socket 754 mobo. sigh

    I still need a good riser card though

    I found this. Looks to be better, and not universal : )
    AGP right angle
    Or of that doesnt work
    Main Site
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