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I downloaded 7zip to open an rar file from Asus and it worked well . Today I ran a system health report and checked the event veiwer and found a critical error that said 7zip had stopped runnig but the program still opened . I removed 7zip. Does anyone know of free rar file opener in-case I need one agian.
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    I've not had problems using 7zip, maybe just a glich, I would try it again.
  2. Agree with jonmor68. Make sure you use the correct 32-bit or 64-bit version to match your OS. (I've never had a problem in either version on Win7.) If 7-zip really won't work, try PeaZip.
  3. When I looked for a program to open rar and other uncommon files 7zip looked like the best one, so I reinstalled making sure I had the 32 bit version and no problems so far. Thankyou for suggesting an alternitive, there is a lot of free software and it takes time to wade through all of it.
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