Planning build < $950
Video Card $142.99
RAM $99.99
MoBo $129.99
2x320 GB harddrives in RAID 5 configuration $89.99 x 2 ( $179.98 )
CPU $227.00
XP Media Center $109.99

$907.94 + $33.91(shipping) = $941.85

1.) Is this a good build?
2.) Will 350W cover all this?
3.) If you have any improvements, make sure you consider shipping.
4.) I have a case, 350WPSU , 2 CD drives and a floppy drive already.

I will be using this PC for Photo Editing, Graphics (2D and 3D simple) design, and programming(simple game design).
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  1. seems like a nice balance for your objectives. Try an on-line power calculator, and give a 20% head room. One reason someone might use a bigger power supply than needed is if they imagine upgrading to a powerful graphics card to play new games -- but if not, then don't bother.
  2. Your 350 watt psu should work (I think 350 is the minimum for a 7600gt), but it would be the first thing I'd upgrade. After that I'd get more ram. I think I definitely makes sense to get 2x1gb to take advantage of dual channel. Alternatively 2x512 would make sense unless you plan on going over 3 gigs in the future. If you want to save a few bucks you can probably find a 7600gt board (although I think its been proven that a black graphics card and a black mobo will run faster.)
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