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I noticed that if you try to post a comment when youre not logged in a window will pop up asking you to register or log in. If you log in your post disappears. That caused me to post a very angry comment directed at toms and get banned for 7 days (note I still cant post to toms guide for some reason... I guess I hurt someones widdle fewings). I would suggest taking a look at this issue so you dont piss off your entire community one by one and end up banning them.
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  1. Tom's is undergoing some developmental changes at the moment so a temporary precaution might be to clipboard everything you write in case it falls over in the posting. I do it as a matter of course in case my tenuous hold on a DSL connection gives out on me.

  2. I get the same effect when I try to comment and have to login so I save to clipboard. Unfortunately even whim Im logged I cant post. I get no reaction from pressing the submit button.
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