DVI to HDMI - not able to get it to work.

I have a NVIDIA GEFORCE 6800GT video card which includes a DVI port.

I just bought a new LCD TV so I decided to try to use it as a monitor (it has 2 HDMI ports). The TV instructions indicate that I must use the 1st HDMI port for this purpose.

I connected a DVI to HDMI cable and switched to the proper tv video Input, but there is no signal being received.

Does any one have any idea why this might be. Is there something I have to do with my Video card / software to get it to pump out the DVI signal?

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  1. hey what a coincidence, me too bought a Toshiba 32 LCD with regza thing and spent $150 on new cables at best buy for the HDMI thing

    then I look at the directions and it says NEVER connect a PC to the HDMI port, and here I am to find out why. why??

    then see you didnt get it to work? hmmm

    but why?
  2. I also have a Toshiba 32" LCD for a Living room Media Center and did the same thing with buying a DVI to HDMI cable but found out that using VGA input was much simpler, and believe it or not, clearer. Something about the way the signal gets changed going from DVI to HDMI must ruin the signal to where the LCD can't read correctly. I just used the VGA and I'm ok... Definately weird tho..
  3. I did finally get it to work, I had to go to the NVIDIA settings and select my displays.

    Once I got it working thoughm I found out that my great and expensive Sharp AQUOS is crappy when being used as a computer monitor. The best display it could handle was 900x600, as any thing high made the screen flicker. Pretty crappy for a TV that boasts 1366 x 824 with a 6ms response time. Not to mention that the edges of the display went past the physical edges of the monitor... which is great when the TV does not allow you to make aspect adjustments for that when receiving a video signal through its HDMI.

    The dang TV is going back tomorrow!
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