New PC build: New to WC need input on part selection

Hello everyone.

I'm building new PC in the next few months and while I'm currently trying to figure out whether or not I want/need a WC setup, I figured I'd ask for some input as to whether or not the parts I've picked out will do the job.

Main components:

Intel C2D E6600: OC'd to 3.5Ghz
eVGA Nforce 680i SLI Mobo
Crucial Ballistix RAM: 2x1GB DDR2-800
SeaSonic M12 700W PSU
2x WD Raptor 10k RPM 74GB SATA Drives (RAID 0)
1x Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 320GB Drive
2x Lite-On 16x DVD Burner (SATA)
eVGA Geforce 8800GTS
Antec 900 Case

WC components:

Swiftech Apogee Water Block
Danger Den DD12V-D5 Pump
Danger Den Black Ice GTX120 Rad
Danger Den 5 1/4" Bay Resevoir
Tygon 3603 1/2" ID tubing

I'm mostly concerned with cooling/noise levels as this computer and one other will be in my bedroom. I've been researching for months to find the best stuff and would like to know if the water cooling parts I've picked out will work well. I'm open to any and all suggestions as I have not yet purchased any of the parts (I'm pricing everything out first). At some point I will add another 8800GTS and may need to add both of them to the cooling loop. I'm also looking for a solution that won't require any modding of the case if possible as I want to keep the exterior as clean as possible.

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  1. Looks good to me. The pump is adjustable and is pretty much silent at any speed, unless you put your ear right up to it when you can hear a slight hum of the impeller.

    The overall decibel level of your rig will be determined by the fans you choose for the radiator.

    One thing I didn't catch, are you wanting to include your current 8800GTS in your loop? I didn't see a block in your list but you mentioned adding another later.

    If that is the case, you may want to think about a triple 120mm radiator. Two 8800GTS's and an overclocked CPU would stress the dual 120mm rad and require high CFM (louder) fans.

    How do you plan on mounting the rad in the 900?
  2. Initially I was thinking to leave the the 8800GTS out of the loop since the 900 will have enough airflow (2x 120mm, 1x 200mm fans) to keep the case relatively cool. When I do finally get a second GTS, I would add both of them to the loop at the same time.

    Mounting the rad was the other thing I was trying to figure out. The GTX120 looks like it can be mounted inside using the 120mm exhaust at the rear of the case, but if not I would probably need to drill a couple of holes to route the tubes and mount it on the outside of that same exhaust. I'd really like to be able to mount the rad on the inside just to keep it invisible, but obviously anything larger than a single 120 rad would have to be outside.

    Are there any good double or triple rads that come in their own external box that could be mounted on a flat surface (like a desk or top of the case)?
  3. Not too many boxes like what you are asking for but Swiftech has a "radbox" which attaches to the back where your screw holes for the 120mm rear fans are.
  4. My first question is why the Apogee block? I have run both the Apogee and Storm and settled with the storm as it provided me with better cooling. Sure it's a little more expensive, but IMHO worth it. You can get a triple 120 RAD with one of Swiftechs RAD boxes. I have 2 of them somewhere arround here. Mount that to the back of your box, or in your box if you don't mind the moding dremmel work!! :wink:
  5. To be honest I've seen fairly equal numbers of recommendations for both the Apogee and Storm blocks, so it was more of a personal preference than anything.

    I don't mind doing a little work with a dremel...that's perfectly acceptable to me in terms of modding of a new case. One other question, though. Has anyone run into problems with having a triple rad mounted on the back of a midtower case? I don't want to get one and then discover that it blocks the expansion slots.
  6. It would totally block it on my case. Lian-Li PC60 I think it is. So out came the dremmel, cut a hole in the top and mounted my rad inside my case on the top with the 120's pulling air into the case, over the RAM, and out through my PS.
  7. Quote:
    To be honest I've seen fairly equal numbers of recommendations for both the Apogee and Storm blocks, so it was more of a personal preference than anything.
    It all depends on the GPM youll keep in the loop, the Apogee with a D5 yields the most $/performance as a non-restrictive situation. But if you get a Strom and a modded DDC-2 it will definetly give you the best temperature.

    Since youre aiming at silence you need to stay away from the GTX, theyre optimzed for very high CFM. Get CoolRads or the ones from Swiftech, pair them with push&pull Yate Loon D12SL-12 fans @7v and the whole setup will be inaudible.
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