System won't shut power down

I recently had my power supply go out on me due to a power outage and surge damage. I had to reformat and reload Windows XP Pro. One strange result of this is that when I go to shut down the system, Windows shuts down and my monitor goes off, but my motherboard stays running with all the fans still powered on. I have to hold down my start button for four seconds to shut it all the way down. It starts up just fine.
What could be causing this? Is it a software or hardware issus? I suspect it could be the Motherboard is damaged due to the power surge from the power supply going bad. System was running flawless before the power outage.

My System:
Asus A8N32 SLI Deluxe
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ @2600
Zalman CMPS 9500 LED
1 Gig OCZ Gold PC3700 DDR
2x Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 6Y080MO in Raid "0"
BFG Geforce 7900GT @ 700/1600 (volt mod)
Dell UltraSharp 2405FP
Plextor PX-712SA
Creative SB Audigy2
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  1. I suppose it is the motherboard indeed.
    First I thought it was the problem like with the old systems (when you forget to enable the automatic power management and atx support, but then i read your config).
  2. Sounds like a good time to invest in a UPS.... (cheaper is never better)

    One assumes that you have checked all the pwr settings in 'my computer', etc.

    Apparently there was a MS update awhile back that disabled 'shutdown' on several MB's, and I am one of the unlucky owners of one of these MB's. Oh well, I just hold down the pwr button until its well and truly off.

    In my case, though, it does an immediate restart if I don't hold the pwr button down for the required amount of time. PITA...
  3. Most likely the power surge that took our your PSU also damaged the motherboard. Inspect the motherboard's capacitors for any leakage or bulges. If there are, you will eventually need to replace the motherboard as the situation will continue to get worse over time.

    You can also buy replacement capacitors from Digikey and have a shop install them for you. Or do it yourself if you have a good soldering iron and a very good soldering skills.
  4. I would say your Mobo as well. If you can limp along with it like it is for now then do so untill you are able to get a new mobo and a decent UPS with power conditioning.
  5. Thanks Guys,

    I will check the capacitors and see if I can detect any damage.

    This may be the perfect exchuse for me to move over to the new Nvidia 680i and Intel Core 2 Extreame platform. I hate dumping AMD but I really want to be ready for Crysis in all it's glory. What do you guys think of the new EVGA 122-CK-NF68-AR nForce 860i board?

    And oh yea, I need a good surge protection setup. Can you guys recomend any particular unit?

    Thanks again.

    Steve (The four second button pusher)
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