Difference between P965 and 975X

Will someone please explain to me the difference between a P965 board and 975X.

Ive done some research and it seems like the 975X came out after P965. But it seems like the P965 can overclock alot better than 975X.

Im not going to go SLI so I was thinking of getting a P965 or 975X board.

Which one is better?
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  1. 965 came out after 975. 965 has the ICH8(R) chipset, which allows for 10 SATA devices to be connected. 975 uses "older" ICH7(R) chipset. The 965 is considered the "weaker" board, but benchmarks point to something different as they are nearly on par.

    965 is also the first target chipset for Conroe (Core 2 Duo), although newer revisions of the 975 support Conroe aswell.

    Besides that, they are almost identical, except in the overclocking from what I've read.

    I had a 975 which died on me, and I got a 965. Numbering aside, I believe it's a step up.
  2. thanks for the reply Vokofpolisiekar.

    I was thinking of buying the 965, but how does the 680i compare to it? Im not going to go SLI, but I am willing to spend 80 bucks more if 680i is a better technology for the price.

    What do you think?
  3. Dunno to be honest. Benches point to a capable mobo, but that all revolves around the SLi interface.

    Someone else would have to fill in here...
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