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Hi, I'm trying to bring some old computers back onto a network and after installing windows XP SP2 Prof (their HD's were wiped) I tried to connect them to the internet and for some reason I cannot access anything outside the internal network.

I'm not sure if it's a hardware issue because I definately can grab an IP from the server/router but I cannot ping outside the network.

The computers use old 3Com integrated network ports (old HP desktop pc's) and originally when I got the HP's, their integrated network port was disabled in the BIOS which I had to reactivate. Out of all the computers I've gotten, only one HP has managed to get online. All the other ones can get an unique IP but cannot access the internet.

I ruled out the server/router as the issue because along with the HP's, I got some old Dell's that I fixed up at the same time and they work perfectly.

Please help out and will appreciate any comments/insight! Thanks =)
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  1. Can you get anywhere outside the network?? Liek through to a website using a browser? Are you getting error messages when you try to ping? Try a TRACERT and see if you get a error message. Example being a error code 65 or whatnot. If that is the error are you running zone alarm? That is your problem if so.
  2. I cannot acccess anything outside the network. The Tracert resulted in all time out requests.
    Clarification: the network cards are 3C920 Integrated 3c905 TX Compatible).

    It also seems I actually cannot ping any other computers on the network.

    I'm lost!
  3. just to entertain me try pinging the address see if you get a reply. If you dont... uninstall (if it is there) and reinstall TCP/IP v4. I dont really think this is your issue but just for s***s and giggles. You mentioned you were getting a IP on the machine?? What is the IP that you are receiving?
  4. Also, look at your NIC and see what you have for protocols installed.
  5. Can you ping your DHCP server?
    Can you ping your router/gateway?

    What is the DHCP scope handing out? What IP is your computer getting?

    Quick thought, are you using your DHCP server for DNS/WINS? If so, make sure you're handing out the right info for your computer to access outside the server. DNS Forwarders to your gateway, or use your ISP's DNS servers AFTER your local DNS server IP. Meaning you want your first DNS server to be your internal server, the next 2 to be the ISP's.
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