new desktop..( confused about graphics card)

:?: :?: hi!
i am buying a new desktop (assembled).
i have zeroed on ....

intel e6300 (1.86 ghz)
intel P965 motherboard :arrow:
2 gb ram (667) corsair
250 gb hard disk
17" lcd monitor (samsung)

now i am confused about which graphics card to buy ?
my budget is $280 max.
after xtensive search i think 7900GT is the best....but still i wud like a second opinion so as to which card is the best value-for-money ?
also i hav seen various models (with varying prices) of 7900GT.
So can sum1 (plzz) get me a link
to the best deal for 7900GT on the net...
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  1. Have a case and spare power supply unit already that can handle your needs? If not, there goes any budget at all for a video card.

    Drop a gig of RAM and you've freed up about $100. Might need too if the budget is extremely tight, or just grab a $20 cheapo PSU, spend $70 for a case, and grab the cheapest video card you can. Then when you get the cash up the power supply unit, then your video card, then finish up by getting that second gig of RAM.

    Just my suggestion. Other then that, I've voted.
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