Partition and Comparision on Windows 7

Hwy guys,

I want to ask how to partition windows 7.
I just made a new system, and want to partition my hard drive in the system by using windows 7 installation.

I have no windows installed, and want to clean install with partition.

Whats the best way to partition my Hard Drive, its a 1 TB WD Caviar green. I have an 8GB ram (4gb * 2)

And moreover i am use to XP, will it be good to use x64 Win 7 or XP x64 Pro.
Which is better and why ?

Please help and advice on it, thanks.
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  1. Partitioning is up to the user. Some people like big drives so they only make one. Others like a small partition for the OS, and partition the rest as they see fit. I'd make a nice big 80GB (or so) partition for the OS, and they partition the rest as you want. Your ram won't effect how you partition.

    XP-64 suffers from driver issues. Best to get win7 x64.
  2. Or you can buy Windows 7 Professional and Download XP mode.

    Free Partition Software !

    Welcome to the Forum ! :hello:
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