21" + LCD? Best in market

Hi everyone,Am new here sorry to bore you guys I know this has been asked many times in the past but could you help me buy a good LCD which is atleast 21 inch in size? I am a professional photographer and at times i play games and I have no problem with the budget cause it's mainly for my work can you advise me please? I was thinking of the Samsung 240T! And what graphic card do I get? Thanks a lot!
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  1. Oh yes! And what are the factors to look at? Like i read in earlier posts things like 25 ms and stuff? Please dont get mad Im just new to this thing sorry and thanx!
  2. hmm, the samsung and viewsonic monitors are pretty good, but if your looking into style you can buy those sun lcd monitors for a high price
  3. I'll paste part of my essay here explaining lcds.....just gimme a few hours when I get home.

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