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Questions related to core2duo oc guide.

Last response: in Overclocking
December 28, 2006 1:32:37 PM

I followed wusy's guide and i managed to oc my e6600 to 3Ghz now.Great succes for my first ever oc!!
However theres some options in the BIOS i didend find.I have a asus p5b-e plus mobo.
1)Where do i adjust Mch voltage?
2)Limit CPUID max to 3
3)Disabeling EIST
4)Hyperpath 3

Another question about the voltages, if i set my memory voltage to 2.1V then the numbers turn red in the BIOS, is the BIOS warning me not to do this or something? I have Kingston pc6400 ram and it sais 2V in the specifications of the ram.Right now i am running it on 1,9V.

With this RAM how far could i go to oc even higher?
I have an arctic freezer 7 pro to cool the cpu.

Also big thumbs up for wusy for making an exellent guide!
December 28, 2006 2:07:45 PM

1)Where do i adjust Mch voltage? <<< NB Voltage << might not have this option on P5B-E
2)Limit CPUID max to 3 <<< Max CPUID Value Limit
3)Disabeling EIST << Intel SpeedStep Tech
4)Hyperpath 3 <<< Only on P5WDH board
December 28, 2006 7:47:45 PM

1)Where do i adjust Mch voltage? <<< NB Voltage << might not have this option on P5B-E
2)Limit CPUID max to 3 <<< Max CPUID Value Limit
3)Disabeling EIST << Intel SpeedStep Tech
4)Hyperpath 3 <<< Only on P5WDH board

Thx man, it has the NB voltage aswell but when i set it at 1,55V the numbers turn red so i used 1,45V just to be safe.

In this case should i disable or enable the max CPUID value limit?

I upped the bus speed to 370mhz atm wich gives me 3.3Ghz out of the e6600.
Tempratures on core 0 are 44 degrees and core 1 are 40 degrees when running prime 95.Is this still ok??

Also what kind of torture test should i select, it gives me 3 options? I selected the second one.
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December 28, 2006 9:15:55 PM

Ok i searched a bit on the net and now i know how to stress test both cores with prime95.
Tempratures are as follows while running prime95:
Are these temps still ok?
If this test turns out ok should i then proceed even further beyond 3.33Ghz (9*370)?? If so what do you guys recommend to do so?
December 29, 2006 9:53:30 PM

Well it seems that memtest86 gives a few errors and i was unstable when running orthos on both cores.I went back to default settings in bios now and i am running orthos again on both cores.I select a custom test where i use 850 mb of ram per test.I have 2gig pc6400 installed though.Is this a good way of dual stress testing the system?

On the other hand i was going as far as 3,5Ghz with tempratures around 48-49°C in stressing both cores with orthosbeta (for dual cores) while using 1,450 Vcore in Bios.I think these temps are ok but i am worried about the memtest and the dual orthos stresstest wich i fail.

1 hour stable atm while running orthos on both cores using 850mb ram on eich core.I will proceed to using memtest86 to check my ram under default settings before proceeding with further attempts to oc.
Any input from the pro's is welcome.
December 30, 2006 12:53:23 AM

I would definitely go for a good, solid overnight run of Orthos. That will help weed out any instability. Next, do an overnight run of Memtest86.

Also, have you run Super-PI? Theres been times where I've gotten errors on that and none on Orthos - might be a good thing to check as well.
January 1, 2007 6:12:12 PM

Ok i have got my memory running 4-4-4-12.
Busspeed is 380 * 9 = 3420 Mhz
Voltage on the Vcore in BIOS is set at 1,450V
Memory voltage is set at 2V
NBvoltage at 1,45V
FSBvoltage at 1,4V

After trial and error i reached this setup.I always upped FSB 5Mhz untill my comp failed to boot.When that happend i upped the Vcore voltage a bit and started over and kept doing this untill it failed again.I did this untill i reached Vcore=1,450.I upped FSB even more to 380 Mhz and did a memtest in memtest86 and gotten some errors.After that i set memory voltage to 2V and it passed memtest 3 times.
I run dual instances orthos on every core for 4 hours atm, this with a custom test stressing 850mb ram per test and its stable so far.
Temps are 50-52 °C under load.

Great succes i think!!!