Display issues, computer won't boot all the way

So I bought this computer a few months ago, but the video is not working right. I'm not sure if it's software or hardware, but wanted to see if anyone knew of the issue. It does not boot all the way in normal mode. It gets to the black windows screen and then I lose the picture. It does boot in safe mode, but I'm not sure if it's a driver issue or a hardware issue. I'm thinking about getting a new video card.
So, any ideas on what this could be?

Computer Specs
Pictures of it booting

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  1. Hi:what OS do you have?
    on the other hand your picture not working!!!!

    oh well it sounds like there is a problem with a driver,If
    the system will let you, try rolling back the last driver you
    installed using Device Manager in safe mode

    If the above won't help give System restore a spin

    Best of luck..
  2. Thanks for the advice. It's windowx xp sp3.

    I tried uploading again, sorry for the bad links.


    Alternate link, same image
  3. Looks like an OS fault, best thing is to re0install you OS and see... it will worlk for sure.
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