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I recently upgraded to RCN's Megamodem Mach 20 service and I need recommendations on a router that will handle the 20 mbit speed (my Linksys BEFSX41 for the past week I've been connected directly to the cable modem and getting great throughput).

I'm looking at these models:

Linksys RV041
Netgear WRN854T
DLink DGL-4300

I've heard some good things about the Linksys unit, but drawbacks are that I'd need a separate AP for my laptops and I've heard the typical horror stories about the firmware.

I was leaning to the Netgear unit but I've read in a few places that the Ethernet WAN port is limited to 2mbs!

Now I'm leaning to the DLink unit.

Any advice?

I'm not interested in VPN, gaming performance, VOIP...just want a solid and stable unit that has gb ethernet ports for moving files back and forth to a Buffalo TerraStation NAS, and that won't choke on a 20 mbit connection.

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  1. Personally you will have more versatillity and better performace with a seperate AP. Alows better positing for better coverage, most come with High Gain Antennas = greater range, stronger connections, less interference. Netgear has 2 models, wireless and not.
  2. Many routers should be able to handle the 20 Mb/s WAN throughput -- check Tom's router chart for more details.

    The Netgear WNR854T looks like it's going to be a great router, when it's finished. Look at the firmware notes, and you'll clearly see that it's a work in progress at this time, as is 802.11n.

    The D-Link DGL-4300 is a solid router, but it doesn't support jumbo frames. Now I've avoided jumbo frames because they're not well standardized and are painful, but they can be important to inexpensive NAS performance -- I guess because their embedded CPU's need all the help they can get. I also understand that D-Link deliberately disabled the jumbo frame support in their router so that they wouldn't have to troubleshoot and support end users in getting it working in diverse environments, etc., so this is a caution about pursuing this feature.

    What might work out best for you could be a combo -- a router that gives you the necessary internet bandwidth, and a separate gigE switch that supports jumbo frames. Such 5 port gigE switches are surprisingly affordable -- e.g. DGS-1005D. Note that you'll lose 1 port to the router connection. There are also many usable and affordable routers around; the Linksys WRT54GL might be a good choice for future flexibility. I'd use reviews and Tom's chart as a guide here. The combo could be less expensive than a DGL-4300, and you can also go for better wireless performance this way.

    You'd probably have a problem dealing with jumbo frames to the switch but not the router, but you may be able to get around this with subnets and dual NIC's. Sorry I can't give you concrete advice; I haven't done this myself.

    Or, you could forget about jumbo frames for the time being, and look forward to better performing NAS boxes in the future.
  3. there is no point in getting the gaming router
    the dlink di-634m is the same excact router except for the gaming part. it costs much less, and yes, u can aslo prioritize games.
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