Toshiba cant find dvd player

Hi my lap top with window 7 cant find my dvd player > help me
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  2. check the Device Manager and look for the DVD/CD drives group. If the drive is not shown (or there is no category for DVD/CD drives) then the DVD drive is probably dead and needs replaced.

    If the drive is shown and has a caution sign on it, then most likely it is an "upper and lower filters" issue. To resolve the upper and lower filters issue, which is a conflict, use the registry editor to delete the upper and lower filters listed in the registry, uninstall the drive from the Device Manager, and then restart the computer. If that is all that is wrong with the DVD drive, windows will recognize the drive on restart and it will be available for use again.

    To remove upper and lower filters, open the registry editor by using the Run command ("windows key" + R, or click Start > All Programs > Accessories > Run). Type in the window "regedit" (no quotes) and press enter. Once the registry window opens, navigate to the folder "Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}" (no quotes). Once you have found that folder on the left hand side of the window, click on it and you will see a list of items in that folder on the right hand side of the window. Delete each item that says upperfilter or lowerfilter (ONLY THE ITEMS THAT MENTION UPPER OR LOWER FILTERS!!! nothing else!) there maybe 1 there could be several, but delete all of them (remove the upperfilter.bak and lowerfilter.bak files too). After all the filters have been deleted, just close the window, there is no "save" option it is a direct change. After closing the registry editor go back to the Device Manager, right click on the DVD drive and choose "Uninstall", uninstall the drive, then restart the computer. After windows loads, you should see a message about loading drivers for a device successful and your drive should be available again.

    Good Luck

    P.S. there are a ton of web pages and articles about upper/lower filters on the web, if my explanation does not make sense, read up on it BEFORE you use the registry editor, if you modify or delete the wrong thing in the registry, you can cause the computer to not work.

    P.S.S. filters for DVD or CD drives often come from disc burning software, if you have burning software like Nero or iTunes (to make cds) on the computer, it might have to be reinstalled before it can burn discs again.
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