For PSU experts, here is my problem( plz help)

recently I brought a 6800GS AGP and I had a ASUS ATLAS 450W(12V @15A and 12V@14A) and once I had the VGA set up I keep getting the "Nvidia VGA is not receiving power " message and currently the 6800GS runs slower than a 6200.

What is a good PSU for me. my specs are
PentiumD 2.66( OC'd to 3.00) + 6800GS AGP + 1 gig RAm + 2 SATA drives + 2 optical drives + 2 120mm LED case fans . Can anyone plz suggest a good PSU which will last very well and maybe carry me through my next upgrade of a 7600GT( no SLI for me thanks) so it must have some extra amps I guess.

Plz I need your expert help on this
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  1. If you want to calculate your next PSU use this.
    The links at the bottom may be of interest to you.
    Go to: (Power supply calculator)

    and add one Hard Disk, one optical drive, video card and CPU, use high end motherboard,
    calculate Watts and divide by 12 to get amps. Add 2-4 amps for safety.

    Compare to your power supply 12v rails.
    Combined should not exceed requirements.

    Max power output on 12v rails: look at box, subtract 3.3v + 5v maximum output from total
    wattage of PSU and divide by 12 to get maximum amps on 12v rail. Should be higher than
    requirements. That's why we add 2-4 amps.

    See this PSU 101:

    Top Tier PSU:

    Exhaustive PSU review:
  2. Yes I have connected the 2 molex connectors, but still the problem is there.
    I think the ATLAS which has only 15A and 14 A on the 2 rails is the problem, maybe I need somthing with 20A on the rail, what do you think??
    Do you want the label datails???
  3. i posted something similar to this before and i got flamed D:

    using my old 6800Gt OC my system performs SLOW and slugish on my generic 550watt PSU altough while gaming its fast

    swapping it out for a alleged slower 7600GS the system IS FASTER snappy window and aplications launhc in a yiffy, gaming IS slower since this particualr 7600 model is technically slower than the 6800gtoc, yet i keep using it becuase the over all system performance is better

    NO i have no reseller here selling any GOOD psu X_x for noo i have to settle with the 7600 until i can find a good psu to buy :s
  4. I remember having PSU problems a while back Due to overloading my PSU
    at the time my PC consisted of

    AMD X2 3800+
    2x1GB Kingmax (almost Generic crap)
    Asus 256mb 6800GT
    MSI K8N Neo2 Plat
    4 HDD's (2 Pata, 2 Sata)
    2 Optical Drives
    Audigy Audio
    about 8 Casefans
    And, my Antec NeoPower 480w

    This all ran fine for almost a year, till i decided i just had to upgrade (though not the Major upgrade i had hoped for), the upgrade consisted of

    Asus A8N-32SLi Deluxe
    MSI Geforce 7900GTX
    2 more Sata Drives (for a total of 940GB)
    and 2x 512mb OCZ that was on offer, and i couldnt resist.

    So, after rebuilding and trying for about 30minutes to get the Rebuilt PC to stay turned on (it would switch on, then off after about 10-30seconds) i had horid instabilities, Read/Write errors and enough BSOD's to fill a Supermarket

    So, i replaced the rather Aging NeoPower, with an OCZ 700w (4x 12v @ 18a) and have yet to have a single instability with the system (now going on about 4months). It was upto this point that i had never had system stability problems due to a PSU, but now i'am very selective about what i put into new builds due to the PSU being alot more important that i had originally though (oh, and my mother was happy, she got the old NeoPower, and its happily being as stable as it ever was in her system ^^ tempremental things they are)

    Note of the story: Dont skimp on the PSU, Buy a Decent one !!
  5. Currently I have 15A + 14A on the combined rails. So isn't this more than enough ( >22A)!!! I have 3 seperate molex connector llnes comming from the PSU with 7 molex connectors, and the label gives +12V1@14A and +12V2@15A.... so how is this devided between the 3 lines?? can you explain?

    I've looked them up already. I calculated your max system needs to be about 22A. So the PSU would be cutting it close. Getting a PSU that has 24A or better on the combined +12v rails would be a good idea. If you really want to be on the safe side and leave room for future upgrades then go with a dual railed PSU that has about 17A to 18A per rail. This should pretty much garunty you'kll have the amps needed. Provided you get a good name brand unit. May i suggest this one.

    @ evonqugg

    If there is one thing i can't stand is people who use the same generic post over multiple threads.

    Max power output on 12v rails: look at box, subtract 3.3v + 5v maximum output from total
    wattage of PSU and divide by 12 to get maximum amps on 12v rail. Should be higher than
    requirements. That's why we add 2-4 amps.

    This is all wrong. You can't just subtract the wattage being supplied to the +3.3v and +5v from the total wattage to get what is being supplied to the +12v rails. It dosn't work that way. If you find a PSU that list the wattage for the +3.3v and +5v as well as what is being supplied to the +12v you'll see what i mean. Add them up and they will be greater then the total wattage. Go back and read through PSU 101 again. Also read through some of the links at the bottom.
  6. yes I understand... here are the full label data
    combines for 145W (max)
    12V1@14A= 168W (max)
    12V2@15A= 180W (max)

    and also a few watts for -12V and+5VSb.

    And also I checked up the VGA, it's NV42 core (12pp, 5vp) 256bit and 256MB.... and somewhere else I saw some thing about the 6800GS AGP been based on the older 6800 Ultra with some vp's been locked. So maybe I am dealing not with a 6800GS but s 6800Ultra...... Any comments on that??
  7. No I also have a 6800gs on the NV42 core and there is nothing to unlock therefore its not a disabled 6800ultra. The NV42s are bridged from pci-e. Im Running my pc off a 450 watt psu with 2 12v rails @ 17 & 18amps and ive not had any stability problems.
  8. Ok then, I will ditch my Asus Atlas and get something more powerfull. So what are my options, and I want the PSU to carry me through the next graphics upgrade too. Maybe a 7600GT or a 7900GTX.
    So what is a good PSU, any suggestions???
  9. With PSUs - You only need to ask yourself one question:

    Are they on the nVidia SLI Certified:
    ; and / or the ATI/AMD Certified:
    ; PSUs lists ?


    Stick to the certified lists above, and you'll make the perfect choice, first time, every time.
    If not go one level (+41.43%) higher wattage than you think you need, it'll last you through more upgrades and reduce chances of problems when the PSU is 3+ years old.

    Q3 2007: Personal estimates are around 880 watts for high end configurations, and beyond that we'll get more efficient but hopefully not need more than 880 watts per PSU. (Environmental factors, most outlets only let you use 1600 - 2400 watts max, and you want to share that by 3+ devices, etc)

    See Also Thread:
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