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Ok iv had this problem for some time now i thought is was my psu or graphics card. My system will randomly restart and show a blue screen error for like half a second then my pc restarts. I have upgraded my graphics card from a x1800XT to a 8800GTX, and also upgraded my psu from a generic 500W to a Hiper type-r 580W but i am still getting this problem. Could it have something to do with a “generic host process win 32 error” i keep getting? if not any thoughts would be nice.

CPU AMD 3000+ 939
RAM 2x1GB mushkin DDR-HP3200 DDR400
MOBO sapphire PURE CrossFire 1600
Graphics 8800gtx(was x1800xt)
PSU hiper 580w

p.s this will happen randomly :? :?
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  1. Still got the 1800? If so, you could switch back to it just to see if your problem persists. The early 8800 cards did have some sort of problem that required a recall... some of those defective cards did slip out and make their way to end users. I checked the specs on that PSU you got and you're good there... 28 amps on the 12 volt rail... that should be adequate. Switching back to the 1800 would likely help narrow the search for your problem.
  2. ok tryed the 1800 again it still dose it athough the blue-screen doesnt show for as log sometimes i cant see it :? :?
  3. Specification
    Description HPU-4B580

    Wattage Rated Wattage 580 Watts
    Peak Load 630 Watts

    +12V 1 (± 5%) 1.0A - 20A
    +12V 2 (± 5%) 1.0A - 18A
    -12V (± 10%) 0A - 0.8A
    +5VSB (± 5%) 0 - 2.5A
    +3.3V (± 5%) 0.5 - 30A

    i thought that if the +12v1 has 20A and +12v2 has 18A the total would be 38Amps max ?? and as i restarts even in IE and Word i wouldent have thought it was that (sorry for not making a detailed explanation of my problem)

    But i think i will reinstall my windows tomorow thanks :D :D
  4. Yes you are correct sorry i was going on the specification on the web and on the manule 2.2 i missed that but seeing as the reccomended for a 8800gtx system is 30A anyway and i had this probelem with my x1800 my restarts are still a mistory :?
  5. I agree with Mpilchfamily that your psu is too low in power. With that 8800 card, you should be looking closer to 700-750wt. Rodney is also correct in that a number of early 8800 cards were defective. If you have one of those, that might contribute to the problem, but isn't the sole cause.

    The generic host error could either mean that you need to run a repair or reinstall of the OS, or be that the card is causing a problem. Also, since you're switching from ATI to Nvidia, make sure that you have all the old drivers cleaned out before the new ones are installed. I've made that mistake in the past and it bugged the heck out of me before I figured it out.
  6. i will reinstall xp tomoro, and what is the chepest psu that you can recomend (im running out of money :x ). also why does the web say that it can output 12v1 20A and 12v2 18A?
  7. Yes the 8800gtx was a a)its powerfull and b)there was a chanse that my old graphics card id duff thing i new the cpu is a huge bottlekneck but it still gave me 50more fps on bf2
  8. but i was getting both the generic host and restart before the 8800gtx when i still had a x1800xl
  9. First off, Goto system properties, advanced and disable the Autoreboot on Critical Error. That way your BSOD will stay on the screen and you can then research what is actually wrong with windows. It may be a simple re-install of your chipset drivers. Give that a shot before reloading XP or plunking down the cash for more hardware.
  10. You should expect issues when going ATI to Nvidia and vice versa. Neither will uninstall drivers completely and cause endless amount of problems. Usually they leave behind dll's in system32 and settings in your registry. If anything, uninstall video drivers for Nvidia and ATI. Download, and install, Driver Cleaner. Boot into safe mode, run DriverCleaner and uninstall all ATI and Nvidia video drivers. Reboot and reinstall Nvidia drivers. It should do the trick. Ultimately, I find that a clean install will work the best.
  11. One of those would be ideal for this type of situation where the PS is teetering on the edge. Could be a very worthwhile addition to the system.
  12. BUT AS I SAID IN MY FIST POST it was doing this befor the 8800. Athough it may be an issue now it wasnt when this trouble started. Also i would like to know why this psu was rated at 12v1 20A and 12v2 18A on the website? (i brought it as it was enough to run the GTX)
  13. It could be a few things. Try running a free online virus scanner (regardless if you have an AV already installed) like Trend Micro's Housecall, in Safe Mode with Networking and see if it turns up anything.

    Have you had any power outages or brownouts before this started happening? If so, damage to the board could have occurred during one of them. Check for bulging or leaking capacitors on the board.
  14. Ok thanks i just needed that explaining as when i read specifiactions i normaly think that they are what they can supply :? Thanks i will be ordering a new psu tomoro and re-installing windows 8)

    Thanks everybody for your feedback (sorry for being a noob)

    also iv been playing BF2142 for 1h and fear for 30mins now and no resets :? :?
  15. ok would one of these do the trick

    Corsair HX 620W http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=CA-004-CS
  16. Tanks Again
  17. With the CPU @ max load and at 3.3GHz, 4 HDDs, optical drive, overclocked 8800GTX @ max load, lots of fans, Soundblaster Audigy, my PC only draws 360W from the wall.

    Given that the PSU cant be more than 90% efficient, the PC itself has to be using 325W at an absolute max, and that's on all rails.

    The Hiper 580W should be enough for it to run imho. You said the problem started with your old x1800, which consumed less power than the 8800GTX, and simply continued with the 8800GTX.

    You ideally do want more headroom on the PSU, but it shouldn't be causing this.

    Do this:

    1. Right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.
    2. Click the Advanced tab.
    3. Under Startup and Recovery, click Settings
    4. Clear the Automatically restart check box, and click OK lots
    5. Restart

    Then, when the error next occurs the system will not reboot. You can then read it :D
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