Motherboard/Boot Problem: Intel D915GAG

My Sony Vaio RB30 keeps shutting down randomly, but not completely. After a bit of use, the monitor goes black, yet the fans and hard drives still spin. Theres no specific time limit as to how long i can run the comp for, but usually after a few hours. After it shuts down, it will not boot back up. When its turned back on, all the fans run at max speed, the hard drives are functioning (i can hear them spin), the CD/DVD roms work (i can open and close them). Although i do not hear the usual "beep" when it powers on. I've gotten around to getting the computer to startup resetting the bios by removing all powersources from the motherboard, including the battery and having it sit for a few minutes. This works, but when it boots it tells me: "CMOS/GPNV Checksum Bad" and then i have to proceed to setting up the BIOS (date and time).

Its an Intel D915GAG motherboard, last night I ran a bios update on it, when accessing bios i was given a LOT more options and such, though after the update, i noticed the fans were running a little louder than usual, and took a bit longer to boot as well.

Now the problem is, it wont boot at all; removing the battery/powersource to reset bios will not work, fiddling with the jumper cables for bios does not work, removing all RAM completely does not work, and still no beep. All that happens is the little green light on the mobo lights up, the fans run at max, and the hard drives spin. I'm getting really sick and tired of this problem, ive had this PC for less than 6 months and its given me more problems than my old Powermac G4 in 5 years (which is making me reconsider on selling it).

Does ANYONE know what the problem could be? Is the motherboard fucked? Is the processor overheating? I checked the temperatures in BIOS and it was at 56-58 deg. celcius? Is it a power supply problem, doesnt seem like it though, although maybe, because ive noticed that disconnecting the mobo from the power supply and reconnecting it again sometimes gives the computer a bit of juice, it turns on, on its own, the fans ran for a split second. This is after playing around with the jumper pins for bios reset, one of the setting does not allow for a manual shutdown when pressing and holding the power button. There arent many other components installed in the computer, just basic stuff, the only thing that fills up any slot (besides the ram and CPU) is a PCI modem, which i dont even use, all other stuff in the comp is standard. Ram in the comp is set as 512+256 in first two slots and again 512+256 in second two slots.

So, any ideas on what to do? Thank you :)
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  1. Ugh, removing the CMOS battery and playing around with the jumper cables gave me temporary success. I had the comp running for two days succesfully WITHOUT a CMOS battery. On the second day after about 12 hours of running the comp, it shutdown. Now its going apewild again. Although this time when i press the power button and have everything connected normally to power on, it doesnt, nothing happens.

    HOORAY for me being back in the PC world! Not even 1 year and im getting more problems than my mac in 5 years....
  2. Quote:
    CMOS/GPNV Checksum Bad

    I heard the error shows up when some settings in your BIOS changed since last saved, try resetting to default, just go into BIOS and restore everything to default.

    It could be a battery problem, but searching from google shows not much success with just replacing the battery.

    Another could be that its sort of a spyware that generates such an error(i've never heard of such spyware :P)

    The problem doesn't seem to occur to computers that is quite new from the search at least, it could really be the spyware, check it out.
  3. ^I think i figured it out, looking at the 4 pin power connector on both the PSU and motherboard, they look burned, two of the pins are brown, the other are white. While running the computer and gently touch the pin, the computer shuts off. While turned off and gently touching it, it turns on.

    So, i guess i need a new motherboard. I think im gonna go for a MSI PM8M3-V for about 70 bucks. Looks good on paper.
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