Are 2 Memory Sticks in DC Better Than 4?


I will be getting an striker-extreme soon and I would like to know this. Im going to put 1Gb of corsair xms2 pc6400 ddr800 cas4 memory.
Well now on this times I see that 2gb is almost the standard so I would like to know which is a better choice

1) buy another pair of 1gb (512x2) c4 xms2 to make it 2gb


2) buy a 2gb pair (1gbx2) c4 xms2 to have 2gb and sell the other 1gb

Im in doubt because I heard that when you use the 4 dimm channels, you make too much traffic into the memory controller making it go a little slower. And also Im hearing this about 1T and 2T which I dont have any freakin idea what is it but according to the little I have read it impacts system perfomance?

Could you people help me out?

Thanks, slim142
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  1. well i see that your going to put a 1 gig in. and i don't see what you have listed on your mobo right now. i would suggest you take the 2gig and sell the other but your losing profit of course but in the long run it'll help and save you slots. go with the 1gigx2 for dual channel.
  2. The answer is: it depends!!

    The older Athlon 64s dont like running with 4 DIMMS. As you are using DDR2 though, you cant have one of these :P

    All Athlon 64s (as far as I'm aware) are limited to a 2T command rate with 4 DIMMs.

    The difference between a 1T and a 2T command rate is like 1-5% in most benchmarks however, and not really worth the cost of dumping two 512MB sticks.

    As far as Intel goes, to an extent it depends on the chipset and motherboard. If you are pushing the board to its absolute overclocking limits, then 2 DIMMs is probably a better idea than 4. For most people, with most chipsets, you'll still be able to run at a 1T command rate with 4 DIMMs in an Intel board however.

    If you already HAVE 2x512MB, I'd advise either getting another 2x512MB to have 2GB total, or another 2x1GB to have 3GB total. Don't bother ditching your existing RAM however.

    If you currently have no RAM, I'd advise either getting 2x1GB now, or 1x1GB now and 1x1GB later.
  3. Is it better to put 4 sticks of 512mb each?
    2 sticks of 1Gb each?

    Thats what I need answered and if it is true that the more sticks you have, the more load you give to the memory controller and whats the 1T and 2T and what is it use for.
  4. so by what i read it would be based on what cpu you have and i too wonder what 1t means and 2t. 4x512's isn't such a great idea i have no answer to the reason why its bad because i guess its bad thats all so go with the 1gigx2 for being on the safe side instead of cramming up your slots
  5. It is better to have 2 sticks of 1GB, but the difference is very small.

    Yes, you increase the load on the memory controller with more sticks. Unless you are drying to get every spare MHz of FSB out of the chipset however, it shouldn't be an issue. With an e6600 or e6700, you will hit the max of the CPU before the max of the chipset.

    1T and 2T is the "Command Rate". Think of it like this:

    The memory controller sits on one side of a football pitch, the RAM on the other. To perform a read, it holds up a flag that says "READ" and the address to the RAM. At a 1T command rate, it holds this flag up for 1 clock cycle. At a 2T command rate, it holds this flag up for 2 clock cycles, giving the memory more time to respond.
  6. ic ic. but it depends on what he has he just posted he wants to add a gig or 2x512. i guess response time does matter a lot in this case where i only have 1 gig of ecc and i'm getting another but i can't run dual can i?
  7. 1T and 2T refer to command rate. Check out the forum's handy FAQ sticky.
    4x512MB should work just fine, but means that for any future memory upgrades (likely with Vista), you will have to remove 2 of the DIMMs to install 2 new DIMMs.
  8. Im gonna be using an E6600 in a Striker-Extreme board. What would my xT be if I use 4 sticks of 512mb? 1T or 2T?

    So in conclusion I would be getting 1.5% of disavantage compared to 2 sticks of 1Gb right?
  9. yeah pretty much you don't lose much but when you ugrade your computer even more your gonna eventually get rid of one of those dual channels and move the one gig. but its up to you 4x512 better performance? 1gigx2 for future prefrences when upgrading
  10. Check with your MB manufacturer to find out timings for 4 DIMMs. I bet it'll run at 1T.
  11. 1T is better than 2T right?
  12. Yes; for timings, lower numbers mean things get done in fewer clock cycles.
  13. Ok thanks

    Now, when I finish building my system, I will go to the BIOS and check this command rate thing. Does it have any special name? or is it just called Command Rate?
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