problems with newegg?

welli can go to my shopping cart and nd main page but other than tht newegg won't let me aywhere,

i was onderig if anybody else was havng any problems or if is our iternet provider

btw it isn't working on any computers in my house

i know its seems strange for me to ask this question but i was really looking forward to ordering a computer but newegg hasn't been working for the past two days

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  1. I have been on it a few times the last cfoupel days and no problems what-soever.
  2. I just ordered a few things earlier today and there wasn't any problem. Maybe the nearest mirror site to you is having issues.
    Sometimes newegg is really slow for me, pages take 30 seconds or more to come up.
  3. I think it's your typing...LOL

    j/k.... mostly...

    I've had no issues with newegg site.
  4. I've seen these glitches both at work and home, sporadically over the last few months. It goes away after a while, though. If your probs persist, try purging your cookies, and your cache if convenient. Hope that helps.
  5. Hi All,

    How often have you guys been experiencing problems on our website? Do you guys receive any error messages? Everything from our side looks good :), if there is something wrong, hopefully we could fix it ASAP.
  6. I havent gotten any errors ever, just painful slowness once in a while. That may be caused by one of the 15 or so hops I take to get to the page though :) Next time it slows down I'll have to pay more attention to what part of the journey the latency is at. I'm usually surfin from the DS3 at work so I dont think the slowdown is at my end ;)
  7. I'm having a real difficult time today for the first time ever. The only site I seem to have problem with is NewEgg. I wanted to purchase 15 monitors, but couldn't get any newegg page to load over 8 hour period.
  8. Wow, you guys really have a good support. Even at this forum I wouldn't expect Newegg support would be here. Anyways I have no single problem with Newegg whatsover and I hope it stay that way.

    As for the guys who having problem. Try setting your browser on default and your anti-virus software as well for I think it could be a firewall and or security setting problems. Try setting your "Cookie" to medium and see if you can get through.
  9. Never had a issue myself. I did see a post on here letting the original poster to clear his cache and restart to try to help a issue. Sometimes this works well with bad or corrupt cookies... can cookies become Corrupt?? Or is it just a flucke that clearing a cache works sometimes?
  10. Over the last couple weeks I have noticed problems, as well. Other websites will be fine, but newegg will be really slow. It is usually short lived, rarely more than 10 minutes or so, and sometimes the front page will work fine, but searching for something will yield huge delays (though everything else moves along just fine).
    I am in Northern Cal, in Berkeley, using dsl, which is through sbc.
  11. I am having sporatic problems. Located in Minneapolis, MN. Sometimes the connection is slow, sometimes it times out.

    Same at work and home.
  12. Greetings TomsHardware Forum Members and Loyal Newegg Patrons!

    Thanks guys and gals for bringing this matter to our attention. First off, we’d like to apologize for any confusion or inconvenience to anyone out there who has experienced the issues described.

    Our IT Department has been working around the clock to investigate the issues described.

    Here's the latest: We've just made a few small adjustments to our server as of yesterday (Thurs 7/13). If you want to help out IT department out, let us know if you are still experiencing the same problems as mentioned in this thread. We'll pass on any information you guys provide us with to our IT department for fine-tuning. Thanks for your help! :D
  13. Was just there, worked fine.
  14. i Just submitted several different orders and all appears well to me.

  15. Love Newegg but I have noticed this problem with newegg intermittently over the last year. Today I can excuse becuase is black friday and I am sure there are alot of folks online shopping but it is basically just timing out. I am glad they are popular but I do not have similar problems with amazon or tigerdirect, etc... Maybe I just notice it more at newegg because I tend to visit there more often. But, it is frustrating when it happens because I basically just have to plan to shop latter or go to another site.
  16. I ve only ever had a few minor issues usually when im ordering a whole system, occasionally ive lost some of my cart items, which is a major pita! especially when you loading up a whole system and then the cart lloses some items only to flip over later to those lost items losing the rest of your cart

    today im having issues shopping on their site, im presuming from high traffic as most of the time i cant connect and need to hit refresh a few times before i can
  17. I had similar problems on NewEgg. It was my firewall/router, Linksys BEFXS41. I updated the firmware and all was well after that.
  18. Tried to access Newegg today 10/30 with no contact, even tried LL no answer.

    Anyone have an idea whats going on?
  19. Monday 11-16-2009 - Cannot load 7:42PM EST.

    Using opendns - located in Western NC. Have noticed this on

    many ocasions. Other sites load fine. Using DSL (Embarq)
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