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With previous Windows, during the install, you were given the option to create partitions, and format your drive and choose which partition to install windows on. Usually, I would create 2 partitions, C and D of certain sizes, and just install onto C drive.

Does Windows 7 have this option? I am about to install windows 7 on a new HD, but I have no formatted and partitioned the new hard drive and I am wondering if I need to partition and format the drive ahead of time, or if I will be given the option during the Win7 install?
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  1. Windows 7 does give you option to partition and format. When you boot off the dvd, on the drive selection screen i believe there is an advanced options button which will give you the opportunity to set up your drives.
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    Yes, Windows 7 can create and format partitions as part of the install process. One thing to note however, is that Windows 7 setup will initially create 2 partitions when you click the Create New button in the drive setup section. The first one (100MB in size) is a hidden partition which contains a copy of the diagnostic tools available on the Windows 7 DVD. It does not assign a drive letter to this hidden partition, so it will not affect the way your other partitions look in terms of drive lettering.
  3. ok cool. thank you. i didn't know, as I just ran into the "CD/DVD Driver missing device drivers" issue atm =( .
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