7950 GT Problem

Hey, I just got my new 7950 GT 512 MB card a couple days ago. I pop it in and everything seems to be worse in some places. I went from a ATI Radeon x1300 512mb to 7950 GT. When I run CS:S or any other steam game I get low FPS around 30 - 20, but usally I freeze up and I have to restart my computer. I usally freeze in game or loading. It says I need a new power supply which I will be getting soon, but I need to know how many watts i would need. Sometimes my games might just crash on me and I seem to freeze up a lot ingames.

Windows XP
Sony Vaio VGC-RB34G
7950 512 GT
Pentium 4 HT 3.20 ghz

Anything else tell me.
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  1. Help? lol
  2. Sounds like your power supply does need to be upgraded. With GPU's you are not really concerned with the watts as much as the amps running on the +12V rails. I just looked at BFG's 7950 and they recommend 22 amps, so anything with 20 amps or more from a respectable company should work well.Just out of curiosity did you build or order the rest of that comp?
  3. I ordered the rest, started out with a sony vaio. Just by any chance do you think you can find me one of those respectable PSU's? I could seem to find one with enough detail to tell me the AMPs. Thanks.

    This is my card,

  4. Do you have a price range? If you do it would help me a lot. But either way I would be glad to find one.
    Also, is your case ATX or micro ATX?
  5. Quote:

    Yes.. that tends to be a problem, if you haven't plugged in the 6 pin connector to the video card yet, that should solve problems hopefully. I think Windows downs the clock speed a lot to compensate for the lack of power (and thus the crappy performance in CSS)
  6. Yea,lol, that might do it. let me know if that works.
  7. I feel really dumb right now lol. I guess I was a bit too excited and skipped it. I'm going for a bite to eat then when I'm back I will install it. I will post back if it works! Thanks guys.
  8. No worries... it happens to even the best of us.

    I would tend to agree, it certainly sounds like a power issue. If powering the card correctly still doesn't help matters, it could also be driver related. Since you have switched from an ATI over to nVidia, there could be a conflict in windows between the two drivers (reminants left over from the ATI driver perhaps?)

    Just a thought... although you probably have it licked with the power problem.
  9. Well I did it and its better than before. No more error of power at start up of windows and in CS:S I saw myself get to 100 once! Might of just been no firefight and no xfire.. but it works.

    But I was still getting 30 40 and same in BF2, I might need a need PSU. I hate all those wires in there! It says to use the cable it came with it but I hade only one open cable from my PSU, the other two were in my CD drives. But the thing that connects on the card, there was one coming from the PSU so I used that and I guess it works. It says my max wats were 305 or something and it says I want to have 350 or somthing. Not sure how many volts or what ever. If someone can find me a good PSU, thanks.
  10. Was your system by chance a Dell? 305 is not enough. If you want to get rid of some of the wires I would recommend going with something like this. Modular cabling means that only the cables you need are actually plugged in and everything is wrapped. However, if price is no limit, go with either a psu from BFG tech. OCZ or PC power and cooling. They tend to be more expensive but are of higher quality. let us know of your choice.
  11. This should be all you need to run that card but, you would need a bigger power supply to run sli


    also since your graphics card is passivly cooled it could be overheating in your vaio case
  12. had the same problem with a Dell. got a HIPER 580 PSU to run the 7950GT and everything is sweet (except that it's still a POS Dell)

    had to remove the fan guard to install the PSU, no BFD
  13. I have a question, would I have room to fix both of those PSU's in my case? And also could you give me a link to the PSU in your dell. I have a sony vaio, not a dell lol.
  14. If you are talking to nhobo, the psu in his is probably similar to the one I linked above. If you are talking to me, I am unfortunately still running the stock psu in my dell in my sig.

    All that will hopefully change within the next month as I hope to upgrade the psu ti a hiper and the GPU to a BFG 7600. I wish I had more money to blow on a better card, but seeing as I have no job and no source of income, that might be slightly difficult.

    Speaking of Dells, does anyone know if the Hiper psu will fit into a Dimension 4700 or 8400 case?
    sorry to hijack your thread Shorttuff. :lol:

    No, you probably can't fit both into your case unless you want to do some heavy modding.
  15. HIPER at newegg

    PSUs are pretty much standard in size, check the specs on your box to see if it fits
  16. No, I mean of the two posted, if I got one of them, doesnt matter, would they both fit? Not both of them in the case, just like would this one fit, and that one.
  17. check the specs and measure ...
  18. A minimum 400W system power supply (with 12V current rating of 26A)

    not id suggest a 5 or 600 watt for insurance
    always to have extra power so the load isnt as big on your psu enabling longer life of it

    in a psu you need a high 12 volt or more than 1 12v and add together the higher the better
  19. Thanks for the specs. The PSU is sort of small for my case, I will have a big open space lol!
  20. Sorry for bump, but I got my new PSU and everything seems even worse now! My games are still lower. In CoH I had max 100 + fps before now 60 +. I crash and freeze up in my steam games all the time! Please help.
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