Anyone know when new ATI cards are coming?

Or what their specs might be? Trying to decide whether to buy an 8800 GTX or wait a while...... thanks for any info.
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  1. So far rumors are saying it has 64 unified shaders capable of 4 shader operations per clock cycle, clocked around 700MHz with 1GB of DDR4 RAM on a 512-bit memory BUS. Of course, these are rumors so whether or not the R600 will be as described will only be known once the card is released.
  2. By all accounts, it's supposed to be released end of January.Same as Vista. I'de wait.
  3. In addition to what Heyyou27 said, I hear Jan. 20th release date. Might guzzle up to 250 watts of power.
  4. -I heard Jan. 30th,
    -Some GDDR-4 ammount greater than 512
    -64 FOUR WAY shaders (this is a marketing thing, hence "nVidia may have 2x the shaders as us, but our shaders do 4x the work")
    Then, pretty much what everyone else said

    BTW, i'd wait, cause think of it this way. Why would ATi take an extra, what, 4-5 months, and release a lesser performing card? Come on, if ATi did this, they would be screwed.
  5. I read somewhere that R600 will be released around the First Qt. an in the same price range as Nvidia
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