XFX GTS 250 Core Edition 1 GB on Nvidia 680i LT SLI

hi guys,

hope you can help me out here:

just a bought an XFX GTS 250 1 GB, the new Core Edition and installed on albatron 680i LT SLI mobo, the problem is this... sometime when I am either playing games or watching movies the PC just shuts down without warning :??: like u pulled the plug out of the socket :sarcastic:
I have guessed that it is a PSU problem so I have change to a new 600W PSU (EZ Cooler) but still the damn same problem :fou:
please help me any suggestions will be highly appreciated :) . below are the specs:

CPU: Q6700
RAM: DDR 2 800M Kingstons 2X2GB
VGA: XFX GTS 250 Core Edition 1 GB
MB: Albatron Nvidia 680i LT SLI
PSU: EZ Cooler 600W
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  1. Boot into the Safe mode (F8).
    Does you computer shutdown while you're in the Safe mode?
  2. hi Gandalf,

    Yep, sometimes even on the boot up screen...

    sometimes it gives you the blue error screen.
  3. Try to enter your BIOS and save it to the default settings.
  4. already done that.... samething.
  5. Since I couldn't find the details of your motherboard online, I don't know if it has an onboard video capability. If there is a video connector off of your motherboard, then recommend you remove your video card and try to boot up.
  6. no.. no a video connector off.

    based on all this: what do you thing the problem might be?
  7. Since you can't run in the Safe mode, I can only go with a hardware problem.
    If you have a second computer, you might want to try swapping components one at a time. I assume you've already made sure that all the cables/wires are going to the right place and are properly connected.
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